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Why Our Members Choose Us

Life Changing Results

Our programmes are designed to deliver not just changes to your appearance, but profound shifts in your overall well-being and confidence.


You're never alone on your fitness journey; our community stands beside you, cheering you on every step of the way.

Unrivalled Accountability
and Support

Our commitment is to see you succeed. With unparalleled accountability measures in place, we ensure you never lose sight of your fitness goals.

Your Pathway To Success with Hounds of Health

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Become a better and more confident version of yourself, while looking and feeling amazing!

Click The Button Below For More Info and Discover How You Can Transform Your Body and Fitness in Just 6 Weeks

How Wandsworth Residents Are Getting Amazing Results!

How Viktoria became the fittest and healthiest she's ever been

"I Joined HOH back in 2018 February because I needed to take health seriously and I didn’t know how to start.  Signed up for the 28 days transformation program and they stuck with me.. .during this time I have been diagnosed with a chronic illness, went through a surgery & later a major surgery, Covid happened and these guys Paul, Martha and Frantisek supported me through every single moment, they helped me to stay on the right track and be ready physically also mentally when things get tricky .... I  recommend Hounds of Health to anyone who wants to be healthier , stronger who is  looking for answers and most importantly wants to get results! And the community is just a bonus, good to share happiness or even struggles and always being fully supported. The studio is beautiful and welcoming with good vibes around. Thank you guys for having me!"

Viktoria / 40s / Wandsworth / Retail Management

How Anna lost 17.5kg to hit her ideal weight in 4 months

"Sometimes all it takes is the right people in your life. I would like to give special thanks to my absolutely amazing PT's Martha & Paul for supporting me in achieving a major milestone!
It's been a challenging journey in so many levels and personal life trouble got in the way but the team guided me through it and I couldn't be more grateful. Here's to many more sessions and another miles stone!

Anna / 37 / Wandsworth / Construction

How Shane lost 10kg and consigned his back pain to the past

"I joined Hounds of Heath in April, and it's been a brilliant experience. I have lost weight, improved my fitness, strength and flexibility.
Paul and the team have been brilliant, and really supportive. The classes are always different, incorporating a great mix of weight training, cardio and flexibility, it never gets boring, and the small training sessions are ideal.

I had never been able to keep momentum with exercising and losing weight until I joined Hounds Of Health, and the mobile app booking system is excellent to keep you on track and ensure you go to the next class.

If you want to get fit, lose weight and improve your overall flexibility, and be encouraged by a great team, I highly recommend joining Hounds of Health."

Shane / 46 / Clapham / Recruitment

We Can Help You

At Hounds of Health we understand you are the kind of person who wants to be  the healthiest version of yourself? In order to be that way, you need build a routine to nuture healthy habits and in turn get those long term results  such as losing weight, keeping up with the kids or just feeling really confident. The challenge is that with so much conflicting information about what to do to get the results you want most people feel unmotivated or frozen as to which path is best. Which ends up making you feel lost and confused.

We believe achieving your goals and transforming your health long term is as simple as when you have trust in the path you are on.  We understand you may have tried and failed in the past. So may you have some trepidation with anything new. That’s why we designed our Kickstart Program 'Foundation' to take you through the process step by step to ensure that this time you get the results you want... and that they'll stick.

Here’s  how it works

Step one we find some to meet and talk about your goals and needs;
Step two we make a plan -  we create a custom package which will get you there;
Step three We will guide you all the way to your weight & fitness goals, just follow our tried and tested 42 day 'Foundation' system and expert coaches;
Step Four Make it sustainable - Once we have guided you to success in 6 weeks, we can then create a long-term target, so you never lose motivation again!

So arrange that call today, so you can put indecision to bed and take action on your health and fitness and start feeling like the person you always wanted to be!

Get Started With Your 6 Week Kickstart

Your 6 Week Kickstart, why us?

Access to a Flexible Schedule/Coached Training Sessions/Accountability and guidance.

Over the next 42 days work closely with our highly experienced  Coaches who will help you fit fitness into a busy schedule. With a trainer guiding & coaching you for every session to ensure you are trained to our high standards. If you want guidance on lifting weights, would love more confidence in the gym then this kickstart is a great place to start.

Success Session
Personal Training is quite... well... personal! We know every client comes in with their unique goals and history.  We set you up to succeed by learning more about you and what you want in your initial in person chat.

Nutrition Coaching & Planning
You’ll receive personalised nutritional recommendations and advice via our time tested and highly effective systems and also , through the Hounds of Health App making changes to your diet cannot be easier!

Dedicated Support
One of our coaches will be assigned to your as your personal coach, providing support and advice whenever needed.

Beyond the Gym
Support like you’ve never had it before. We provide support, education, and accountability. Our coaches – and the rest of the Hounds of Health team – have your back.

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm very busy what times do you offer?

Our clients are very busy people and we know that they need flexibility. people who with demanding schedules need flexibility, we can help. Our classes are scheduled at times that will work for you! 

What happens after the Foundation Program?

You’re free to choose. If you want to carry on and work with us to reach your fitness goals, we’ll suggest an appropriate membership option and programme going forward. If you decide that Hounds of Health isn’t for you, you can simply say goodbye. We’ll be sorry to see you go, but we accept that we can’t be all things to all people.


I have an Injury, can I do your program?

No problem. Many of our members come to us with injuries, this is why we love to have an initial chat.  Rest assured, our trainers have experience with so many different needs that you’re in good hands!

Click The Button Below For More Info and Discover How You Can Transform Your Body and Fitness in Just 6 Weeks