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Putney Body Transformation

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Get Long Lasting Results in 12 Short Weeks!

The Amazing 12 system is here to help you revitalise your spirit, renew your confidence, and transform your body – all in only twelve short weeks

If you’re looking for fast, long lasting results - try the amazing 12!

This programme has been endorsed by professional athletes and coaches all over the world, The Amazing 12 is a comprehensive, effective, and simple way to undergo a total body transformation without the headache of fad diets or bogus supplements. Our team here at Hounds of Health is certified to deliver this incredible training program to men and women from across South West London. You can join us in Putney and see for yourself!

What Is The Amazing 12?

The Amazing 12 is a weight loss program that will help you unlock your superhuman self! With the latest body transformation training methods, the coaches at Hounds of Health will help you ditch the old "no pain, no gain" logic and get started on a journey of effective, pain-free training that gradually expands your comfort zone, builds up your confidence, and gets you real results.

We've seen drastic changes in the lives of ordinary people, from Putney to across South West London, with our customised approach to improved fitness. There are no fads, tricks, or shortcuts – just simple, effective weight loss and lean muscle gain. 

Start Your Body Transformation at Hounds of Health Today!

It's difficult to take the first step in a journey, but here's the secret: anyone can complete The Amazing 12 and rediscover stamina, strength, and the joy of fitness. It's only a few months of dedicated training to completely transform your body. Whether you're here in Putney or elsewhere in South West London, join us at Hounds of Health and dare to take the first step towards a lifetime of better health.

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