Fitness Programmes Available In Putney

Personal Training

Our personal training is tailored to your individual needs your specific goals. Not only will we help you build a exercise regimen that works with your body, but we'll find a way to get fitness into your schedule. Personalised nutrition coaching will help keep you on track for your goals and our proven system guarantees you'll love your workouts.

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Semi Private Training

Join forces with other motivated, like-minded individuals in our small group fitness classes. Our group training is "semi-private", which means you'll still get the individual attention, support, and accountability you need to make your transformation story come true.

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The Amazing 12

The Amazing 12 is the perfect way to kickstart your fitness, create real weight loss, and enjoy exercising again. Not only are the results undeniable, but we take a personalised approach to every client, so you never have to worry about whether our not our system will work for you. Join us in Putney and experience your very own body transformation!

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