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  • Thank You!

    Thank You!

    Another year of flux and unpredictability. You're on this list because at some point over the years you wanted to take charge of your health, I hope that I've been able to provide some useful information. Occasionally, I hope I timed it well and the right email came to you on a day you needed it! We had a tonne of hope for 2021, we wanted it to be different from 2020... but the truth is somewhere in between as it always is. How do we approach 2022? To succeed in 2022 we will need an attitude as we can't predicate our success on government policies or public health experts. This is the attitude you must have in the face of countless obstacles. . By now we know that life ....

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  • Navigating the Peri Menopause & The Menopause when Training

    Navigating the Peri Menopause & The Menopause when Training

    Navigating the Peri Menopause & The Menopause with Helen Hall Ok... if you a man on mailing list... don't go! You may be married and this will be relevant! There’s not a great deal of information out there about the menopause and Helen has spent a great deal of time learning and educating about her own experiences so women don’t feel alone when the inevitable happens. Helen was very open and honest about how the menopause affected her mentally and physically as well as hormonally, which all came together to create some huge challenges she had to overcome. This is a MUST listen for both men and women so we can all try to understand the big impacts the ....

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  • Information is Cheap

    Information is Cheap

    What I know for sure is that information is cheap. You can find information in abundance on the Internet. Meal plans, recipes, dietary advise, technique videos or training programs galore. In fact you could argue that from a financial perspective that information is worthless as there's so much volume. In such plenty surely we should have easy solutions... so why are we often frozen into inaction? Achieving your goals or being the healthiest version of yourself I'll bet, is not linked to the optimal nutrition program or the most up to to date peer reviewed studies. It's about clearing a path through the noise that leads to you taking action. If you've just started one of ....

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  • We are all hopeless cases!!!

    We are all hopeless cases!!!

    Hi,​​ I think if I told you that you'd be pretty annoyed. and you'd have theright to be. Let me start by saying: The body is regenerative not degenerative. We spend our youth, from new born to adult trying to reach our potential. In body and in mind. Which focus group agreed that suddenly a switch is turned off at 35 and we start to fall apart? I'm not sure any of us were invited to that meeting but at some point we've all had the memo and accepted it. What if there was a different narrative? What if you could feel ten years younger? What if societies outcomes for you were wrong and actually you could create a powerful, ....

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  • An Empowered Approach to Back Pain

    An Empowered Approach to Back Pain

    Here at Hounds of Health we have a weekly podcast and this weeks episode is: Episode 51: An Empowered Approach to Back Pain with Dr Stuart McGill @backfitpro We take back pain seriously at Hounds of Health., it's natural that we reached out to Stuart McGill for our podcast. We are joined by Stu McGill, a man who has spent the last 40 years studying the biomechanics of the spine & helping people all over the world overcome their ‘victimhood’ & take control with an empowered approach to managing & overcoming back pain. People pay 1000's of Dollars and fly around the world to meet this man, here you have a free 1 hour conversation ....

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  • Alex's 12 Week Body Transformation

    Alex's 12 Week Body Transformation

    Alex’s Amazing 12 Week Transformation When I first spoke to Alex he was eager that it was the right time to take charge of his health. He’s a busy man, with a young family and a lot of commitments. He also suffered a low back injury a few years back (disc herniation) that had really prevented him from making any meaningful progress in his strength and conditioning. It’s a common story. You want to train hard but your body breaks. It was my job to reassure Alex that he could train without his back being the limit. I knew the A12 was perfect for him. Why? Because once we’ve established your starting strength levels, we start you light. Very ....

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  • Anna's Amazing 12 Week Journey

    Anna's Amazing 12 Week Journey

    A12 Results - Here’s the first of many to come this week! Where do I start with Anna? What a transformation! I got this from Paul McIlroy who created the Amazing 12 program: "Anyone with eyes can see how good this transformation is!" Anna came to me with a single goal - she wanted to transform her body. She was in it for the long term. No fads, no short cuts, no half measures. In an early session and during a particularly gruelling set of muscular cardio I said "why are you doing this, why are are you pushing yourself?" A simple answer came that should be a lesson on how to really achieve your goals “I am a woman on a mission!” Anna didn’t miss a ....

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  • Your program is going to be working so well, you’re going to stop doing it.

    Your program is going to be working so well, you’re going to stop doing it.

    "Your program is going to be working so well, you’re going to stop doing it. " Dan John (renowned Strength Coach) It’s in human nature to look for the next hit, fix or variety. I remember a conversation I had with HoH CoachFrantisek,he said ‘every time I see you training you are doing kettlebell front squats’ I said ‘I know I bloodyhate them’ Week in week out... front squats. The thing is over the course of that training cycleI got 3 sets of 20reps with 48kg. It’s not pleasant. I didn't really enjoy it. But I can do it, and I liked the progress. I started that cycle on 2x16kg Kettlebells for 3x3... so you can see ....

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  • Tom's Story from Inconsistent to Ironman

    Tom's Story from Inconsistent to Ironman

    2 Years ago Tom came to us to provide an answer topoor medical scores and a history of being inconsistent. He was ready to make a change. However, like all journey's the route wasn't straight forward. Tom didn't stop, or give up and eventually got to the point where he felt he could commit to training for a half Ironman! How do you achieve 6 days a week training, the lowest bodyfat percentage you've had since your teenage years and do this with a full time job, as a married man with 2 kids, and a social life (corona permitting.. ;-))? Watch the video below. If you want to make a fundamental shift around what's possible then you just need to text me or reply to ....

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  • Stop Chasing Pain

    Stop Chasing Pain

    Many of you may have experienced chronic pain or even niggles and questioned where an earth it came from. You may be at a loss on how to solve them. I interviewed Perry Nickelston a Chiropractor by trade but a pragmatic focused and non denominational health professional in practice. His insights in why we get pain are fascinating. He also takes about the narratives we repeat. Narratives of failure or success. Stories that can hold us back, becoming self fulfilling prophecies. I know podcasts are long form. But in a world of paper thing buzzfeed headlines delving deep into a subject may just be the medicine. ....

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