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  • How Often Should You Rest?

    How Often Should You Rest?

    Whether you are having a holiday in the UKor you are enjoying a trip abroad, it’s the time of year when manyfind the time for a much needed break from the daily grind. It's also another excuse to delay getting fit.... 🤨🤪 When you think of getting fit, RESTING is probably not the first thing that comes to mind. It is true that becoming healthy and fit involves work. It involves lots of effort and sweat and determination. But it also involves taking time to rest or in fact more specifically RECOVER. To reach your goals, you need balance: both hard work and R & R. Dangers of overtraining In our enthusiasm to lose weight and get fit, it is tempting to focus so hard on ....

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  • Worried about bulking up from strength training?

    Worried about bulking up from strength training?

    Claire’s 12 Week Amazing 12 Express Journey Claire signed up with her partner Chris (whose pictures I posted earlier this week), it was an 8am dream team. I have to say Claire was one of the easiest people I've ever had to coach on the A12. Very focused, had great technique throughout the program, never complained and importantly listened well. Claire was on the food aspect from the start. Asking great questions and double checking things. Now strength training for women often comes with the fear of bulking up. If you want the toned and strong look (which I think most people know is the healthiest route) then strength training is your direct path. If someone fears ....

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  • FREE How-To Guide: How to Fail at Fitness

    FREE How-To Guide: How to Fail at Fitness

    Here's a nice easy Handbook on HOW-NOT-TO-SUCCEED in your fitness goals. NOTE: Before you read. I am going to ask you to TAKE ACTION at the bottom of this email. Making a DECISION either way is key. The How-Not-To Guide This handy LIST is a surefire way of going backwards when you want to go forwards.
 1. Start Tomorrow - whatever you want to do... start tomorrow 2. Read lots of books... and then do NOTHING 3. Take advice on how to get healthy from people who are not healthy. 4. Have people around you who DO NOT support your goals 5. Fail once... quit FOREVER. 6. Think that the world is fair and success is owed to you 7. Blame your circumstances 8. ....

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  • Is your Body an Illusion?

    Is your Body an Illusion?

    Remember this optical illusion you played with as a kid? The middle line here is the same length. The end points are different. This makes the middle line look different. Body change works in a similar way. Often, when you’re eating right and training hard, things change shape or just look better. Your Shoulders look more toned or bigger. Your waist looks narrower in relation to your shoulders. Your arms look bigger as a guy as fat disappears around the joints problem areas fade. You're 'spare tyre' dissolves and you're left with abs.. “pop”. Your lats start tightening up and your abs pull you in. More importantly, ....

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  • I need you to motivate me...

    I need you to motivate me...

    What is motivation? I'm lazy.... I need you to motivate me.... I get bored.... I'm all or nothing... I've heard these statements frequently... I bet some of you have uttered them also. Here's the thing I rarely meet a lazy person... I rarely meet someone who get's bored easily also. I do meet people of quit when things don't go their way, but here's the thing I understand all the above. In fact, I spend most of my time finding out methods of making those things non-issues. What I do know is how you 'FEEL' is not important. Whether you feel like working out or eating well doesn't matter when we are talking about results. In fact, by listening to how you feel you are pretty much ....

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  • What does progress look like half way through the 12 weeks?

    Here are some mid point results we've achieved on our 12 Week Program. Yes the photoshoot is the culmination of all that work but what results are people seeing mid-point? These client's are not 20 years old or former athletes. These are everyday people looking to make the most of their training. They want to take charge, commit to themselves and go on a journey. Before you look at the pictures book a call with me to see how we can help you in the NEW YEAR. If the A12 is not for you then we can speak about our semi-private group training which is awesome! Book your call here >>>> https://meetme.so/houndsofhealth Photos say a thousand words. ....

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  • Thank You!

    Thank You!

    Another year of flux and unpredictability. You're on this list because at some point over the years you wanted to take charge of your health, I hope that I've been able to provide some useful information. Occasionally, I hope I timed it well and the right email came to you on a day you needed it! We had a tonne of hope for 2021, we wanted it to be different from 2020... but the truth is somewhere in between as it always is. How do we approach 2022? To succeed in 2022 we will need an attitude as we can't predicate our success on government policies or public health experts. This is the attitude you must have in the face of countless obstacles. . By now we know that life ....

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  • Navigating the Peri Menopause & The Menopause when Training

    Navigating the Peri Menopause & The Menopause when Training

    Navigating the Peri Menopause & The Menopause with Helen Hall Ok... if you a man on mailing list... don't go! You may be married and this will be relevant! There’s not a great deal of information out there about the menopause and Helen has spent a great deal of time learning and educating about her own experiences so women don’t feel alone when the inevitable happens. Helen was very open and honest about how the menopause affected her mentally and physically as well as hormonally, which all came together to create some huge challenges she had to overcome. This is a MUST listen for both men and women so we can all try to understand the big impacts the ....

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  • Information is Cheap

    Information is Cheap

    What I know for sure is that information is cheap. You can find information in abundance on the Internet. Meal plans, recipes, dietary advise, technique videos or training programs galore. In fact you could argue that from a financial perspective that information is worthless as there's so much volume. In such plenty surely we should have easy solutions... so why are we often frozen into inaction? Achieving your goals or being the healthiest version of yourself I'll bet, is not linked to the optimal nutrition program or the most up to to date peer reviewed studies. It's about clearing a path through the noise that leads to you taking action. If you've just started one of ....

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