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Our New Fashion Brand! ;-)

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Our New Fashion Brand! ;-)

Hey y'all! We all know the big sport fashion brands - Nike, Fred Perry, Lacoste, Adidas, Rebook... the list goes on.

But there's a new 'playa' in town - yes you heard it here first:

Hounds of Health have a fashionable line of sportswear 😅🤪


A few of you asked if you could get hold of hoodie or a jumper etc, the thing with the company I use is that I need to do larger print runs or the cost is really high - typically I just do a few here and there.

Instead, I've put together a store of exclusive designs (yep HOH is a proper fashion house now) that can be done as a single item print run.

There are multiple colours, designs and clothing options. The colours you see on the storefront are just one option.

If anyone has a design suggestion I can do one quite quickly.

Love to know your thoughts.


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