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I was sent this by business Coach Pat Rigsby.

it was aimed at fitness entrepreneurs, but I think it applies to those seeking health and fitness.

"You know people have this big fear of failure, but the truth is, the only true failure is not trying.

I mean, you'd be amazed at what you could accomplish if you just get up and do the work, day after day, and you are actually out there pursuing your goals.

The people who never try never have a chance of succeeding.

You've got to actually get on the field if you want to have the opportunity to win.

So take this away.

It's never going to be perfect.

But you probably have to get started, you probably have to fail a few times, make a few mistakes along the way if you're ever going to achieve anything meaningful.

Do something day after day and you're bound to get better, and more likely than not you're going to achieve your goals.

Maybe even more than you think is possible."




I think it's a very eloquent summing up of how to approach failure.

I leave you with this: move away from perfection and just get started.  There's no right or wrong to start with, you don't need more negativity. There's just ACTION or STASIS.

If you act once it gets easier.

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