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Vivobarefoot Neo - Review (yes, it's an old model...)

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I've had these shoes three years.

I've done probably over 600 / 700 miles in them (which doesn't include the walking miles).

They are still in good nick (yes, I know that they are over three seasons old)

The great thing about Vivobarefoot shoes is that they fully understand the minimalist market. They understand the need for education, they understand your feet, the importance of running form. But importantly that you want a minimalist shoe to look like a trainer and to also full fill your requirements for a running shoe:

My requirements are:

Protection (they have a puncture proof sole)

A wide Toe box

Zero drop

Thin sole (4mm for the neo)

Optional inner sole for a little cruising comfort

Flexible upper

Don't slip or pinch

I think you can whittle on about a shoe for too long, but for the purposes of this blog I've kept this review short.

If you are thinking of dipping your toes into the minimalist market you won't go too far wrong with a Vivobarefoot. The customer service is good and the website geared to the enthusiast and beginner. There's a huge array of educational material and a strong product range.

The Neo may be last seasons shoe, but it's strength lies in the fact that two seasons later it's still this seasons shoe...

If you want to find out more about how to select a shoe read my article on shoes.


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