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Food preparation as a workout

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Food preparation as a workout

I love to cook and when I have the time I’ll look to experiment or make something new, or cook centrepiece meat. If I’m being honest anything that takes longer than 40 mins to prepare and get in the oven tends to lose my interest so I’m not a big baker. Firstly, it’s often like chemistry and secondly, the recipes are often cramped with too much sugar.

There are a lot of people who love to cook, and those that don’t have the time or knowledge to prepare a good nutritious meal.

The way you eat probably has the biggest impact on your athletic endeavours and body composition goals, but it’s the hardest to get right.

There are as many diets of eating methods as there are sports. Which one do you choose and what should you look for? I don’t subscribe to a particular method of eating, though I do have a set of rules for myself, which continue to maintain a stable and healthy weight for me.

It’s important to find a way of eating that you respond to positively and you can continue to follow for life. This is often the problem with diets they don’t give you the tools to manage good eating habits for life. They change your eating behaviour drastically and don’t provide a system to continue eating well once they are over.

In a sense, a diet should never be ‘over’. If you have rules that work, positive habits that can cope with the stress of everyday life your weight will become a more constant thing rather than a fight.

A big principle that everyone should follow initially is to plan how they eat. Treat food preparation as if it was a workout. By that I mean, set aside some time (15mins) to write a list of foods you need for the week. Jot down ideas for breakfast, lunch and dinner and make sure you have good snacks planned and healthy deserts.

This process will do a number things:

  • The foods in your cupboard will be nutritious and filling
  • Preparation and cooking time will be reduced as the thought has gone in, in advance.
  • You’ll be less likely to impulse buy
  • If life gets stressful, you won’t have to worry about last minute shopping or what to have of an evening.
  • You’ll have a nutritious breakfast each day
  • Your snacks will be nutritious
  • Food shopping is done/dusted and you can concentrate on other areas of your life.

The next step is to make sure you have the right things in your cupboard, but that is for another article!

Habits are often subconscious, they can either be good or bad. By mindfully looking at your food preparation you remove chance and potential drops in commitment to your diet.

How often have you finished work and not known what to eat for dinner, tired and hungry you bought a takeaway or a pizza? Maybe you felt hungry at 11 am and bought a snack from the canteen that you regret eating almost instantly?

Food preparation treated as a workout is a great step to taking control of food and building a system you can rely on when your free-will deserts you!

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