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The 3 Hour Training Week

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The 3 Hour Training Week

As the year progresses, (I swear it was only New Year last time I looked!), people are hard at work in gyms around the country, you'll see people committed to turning up and putting the work in. The temptation is to go in every day, train hard, and hope the results will happen faster. The enthusiasm of keeping healthy in January has been very much alive... !

I ask you, is training this frequently sustainable?

I know that results can come from much less time commitment. I suggest that training only 3 times a week, and building positive nutrition and movement habits into the rest of our week our training program can yield superior results to the day in day out slog!

Yes, athletes and professionals can train hard frequently, but they also rest hard (or if not, they get injured or quit due to burnout - you just don't hear about it).

Balance and commitment are the key to constant progression and results, this how you will achieve your goals. Finding a minimum effective dose will go a long way to establishing this constant progression.

How would your training week look then?

Training Plan Example:

You'd be training an easy, medium and hard day

Monday - Medium day

Tuesday - active recovery (walk or do something easy and enjoyable - but move!)

Wednesday - Easy Day

Thursday - active recovery

Friday - Hard day

Weekend -active recovery

This, I argue, is sustainable long term. It allows life to happen and for you to be flexible if you have a busy day. It also builds in recovery and time for the body to build strength, muscle and endurance! Training hard every-day can be a grind and your body will rebel eventually. Perhaps not next week or the week after, but it will. Injuries shouldn't be badges of honour but indicators that something needs to change. We only have finite physical resources, they can either be spent building fitness or ‘surviving’ another workout.

If you frequently get colds, sleep poorly and don’t always feel up for training but force yourself too, then you could be training too frequently or too hard. We shouldn’t beat a dog to obey us, instead, we teach it through consistency and kindness.

Our bodies are no different.

You’ll see I also add ‘Active Recovery’ on off days. By this I mean, do something physical but don’t push yourself. Go for a long walk, do some gentle yoga or mobility. Resist the temptation to veg out. If you need to do that, then you may be training too hard on your training days.

If training less and getting better results sounds attractive then give me a shout on 0203 723 7223/info@houndsofhealth.co.uk, everyone is individual and everyone can get results. Let’s sit down and set some goals!

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