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The 3x20 Workout

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I come across many people who train 4-5x a week and unless they are puking they don’t feel they are getting a result. If this is what people believe they need to do to feel better and tone up, no wonder they don't bother starting. This approach is arduous and will take it's toll on your time, body and mind - you may even stay the same weight and put on fat...

Below I’ve put together a plan aimed at the individual with LIMITED TIME - in fact around 20 mins.

Where most workout plans fail is that the length, frequency and intensity require maxed out effort to get results. Exhaustion is the only factor that determines whether someone progresses on these type of plans.

The program below is NOT designed for someone who wants amazing results in 21 days or needs to lose 10 pounds in 3 weeks. It’s designed to give you the biggest bang for your buck with the smallest commitment of time!

But let’s start with a few rules… (boo…)

1. This program is most powerful if consistently applied, say over 3 months.

2. It requires a short warm up - see my eBook for details

3. It’s progressive - i.e. it will get harder over time and require heavier weights or more reps.

4. You need to focus on quality because you're playing the long game - each week/session you want to be incrementally better - even if by only one rep!

5. You need to focus totally, commit mindfully and forget your work emails and phone call for the time you train.

The 3x20 workout

It’s called 3x20 because you will be doing 3 workouts per week each lasting 20 minutes (plus 2-3 mins for warm up)

What you need:

Floor space

A kettlebell (women start with 8kg, men 16kg)

The Workout:

First set a timer for 20 mins.

Exercise one: 1 minute of Crawling

Rest 30 secs

Exercise Two: 1 min of planks

Rest 30 secs

Exercise Three: Press ups 30 seconds x 3 - good form (full 30 seconds in between - reducing to 15 seconds rest then jump to a hard variation (3 mins total)

Exercise Four: Kettlebell swings - 10 mins (Rest to top of Minute) Start with 10 every minute then move to 12 up to 30 each session then jump to a heavier bell or next progression.

Rest 1 min

Exercise Five: 1 minutes of bridge raises -, table, straight, head bridge, full bridge

Rest 30 secs

Exercise Six: 30x2 leg raises (30 secs rest between)

This = 20 mins (of serious work!)

Always look to push yourself, but don’t sacrifice form.

How to keep challenging yourself


In order to increase the difficulty as you get fitter you will need to make exercises and the weight progressively more intense - below are some ideas:

  • Crawling - bear crawls, straight leg bear crawls, Spiderman crawls, bent arm bear crawls, frogger, monkey etc.
  • Planks: elbow, press up planks, press up planks with a lean, hollow body planks, stir the pot (would need a gym ball)
  • Press ups: Knee negatives, full knee, full negatives, full, feet incline, archer, one arm etc.
  • Kettlebell swings: 10x10, 12x10, 14x10 - 20x10-30x10 then increase weight or if you have limited bells move to one arm swings, then cleans, high pulls, then snatches.
  • Bridges - shoulder, table top, straight, headbridge, full bridge
  • Leg raises - bench, lying knee, lying bent leg, lying straight leg, hanging bent knee, hanging bent leg, hanging straight leg

If you are on the final progressions you’ll be seriously strong!

Now some of the later progressions will be just too hard to master with the amount of time you are dedicating to your training. One arm press ups take serious work. But if you are strong already and know that for the next few months you can’t commit to your usual training volume, this will help you maintain your fitness.

If you are a novice, you will be totally surprised how this will affect your fitness. From beginners to advanced individuals keeping on top of your nutrition will determine how you look, and coupled with this program you will build or maintain muscle.

If you have more time, I suspect you’ll just take more rest - perhaps increase the number of swings or intensity and give your self two mins to recover!

If this gives you plenty of ideas then great- however if you need to learn the kettlebell swing, then you should book a consultation and we can help you reach your goals!

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