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"I used to..." How often do you say those words?

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"I used to..." How often do you say those words?

I used to run every day.

I used to be able to do 5 pull-ups

I used to be 10 stone

I used to be good at tennis

I used to be able to get out of bed without aches

These three words are a common utterance. Many people can cast their memories back to a time when they were thinner, faster, stronger, more mobile and more active. Then time happens and these past accomplishments fade to into distant memory.

Have you found yourself saying these three words?

'I used to...'

I have. Actually, I used to...

In my late twenties (yep, I went downhill fast), I used those words a lot. I was very active in my childhood and teens. Growing up in the countryside I had a huge playground of fields and country lanes and was often out all day. Then I got into Judo and Rugby, which basically took up most of my evenings/mornings. I counted myself as pretty fit, I'd routinely go for a 4 mile run at 11pm with the dog after training.

That all lasted until University when I discovered being in bands and pound a pint nights.

To be fair after Uni I started to get fit again but then there were a few years that took a massive toll on my health. I started to cast my mind to times when I used to have no belly fat when I could just go and run for an hour with total ease. I build a mental slide show of previous accomplishments (that actually weren't that exceptional but I felt demonstrated potential), they were all tinged with a little regret.

Why? Because I couldn't see how I'd ever get back on top of my health again. When you are broken it's often pretty hard to see a solution.

Regret is a heavy burden to carry. How many people in the world carry that burden? I suppose we all do in some way. If truth be told there is no easy way of living a life without regret. It's easy in the health industry to give the impression that we hold the key to everything.

What I can say is that in terms of health, 'I used to...' need not apply.

But let's get this out the way, if you were an elite level gymnast you are not going to be elite at 50. That does not mean that your list of accomplishments cannot be equally as impressive.

I made some changes in my early 30s that set me on a journey of health. My journey has been long, and if I cast my mind back I suspect I'd be surprised at where I am and what I have and have not achieved.

The thing is I've made a massive mental shift from 'I used to...' to 'I'm going to...'

For example:

I'm going to get a free standing handstand. It may take a year or so.

I am going to get a full pike fold. Again this will take time.

I'm energised, sometimes impatient yes, but I have visualised where I want to be and no longer see my body as my limitation. It has limitations, at the moment, but I know if I approach my health with mindful, playful and focused approach I will be able to do these things.

It'll take time.

What this means though is that by 45 I could be a superior athlete to what I am now.

Rather than focusing on those past achievements, ask yourself WHAT YOU CAN DO or WHAT YOU CAN BECOME. Finally, ask yourself what's stopping you doing those things, is it time, injury, motivation... perhaps fear?

Goals change, achievements are temporary, the process is what exists over time. Be the process, commit to the journey and most of all take great joy in your body.

Clients work with us for a minimum of 3 months, because we know that it's an ideal time frame to build the habits, make massive physical changes and finally it demonstrates that health is a journey. You can't just turn up once every 2 weeks and expect a result. It just doesn't work that way.

What we know works is that some of any background, age or health level can positively impact their health in ways they may never of thought they could achieve. I know that in three months you can go from seeing your body as something broken to something that is 'you', that cares for you and is full of potential.

If you're struggling to see how you could get fit because you USED to be fit but then things happened... your near 50, you have young kids, you job is demanding more of your time, then give Hounds of Health a call.

We understand these issues, but we also believe in your ability to excel. So let's come up with a plan together and maybe, just may be we'll achieve it!

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