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'Why do you need to be strong in the modern world?'

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'Why do you need to be strong in the modern world?'

Anyone who studies history can see that humans have not always enjoyed the luxuries of the 21st Century. Most of us will have had a conversation with our parents/grandparents who can remember using outdoor toilets, walking to school, working manual labour jobs and not having a car or central heating.

The 20th Century saw a marked increase in quality of life (notably in Western Countries), an increase that had never been experienced in human history. Not only do we now have access to food, healthcare and clean water, we also have conveniences that make moving almost unnecessary.

Then what's the point of getting strong?

It's a good question. Really there is no 'need' to squat, pull your body weight over a bar, lift double your bodyweight, swing a kettlebell or bench press an arbitrary number in the modern world.

We have comfy sofa's, cars, stools, mobile phones, trolleys at the supermarket, pavements not dirt tracks, flat surfaces, soft pillows, machines that can lift heavy weights. Most of us will sit at a desk all day, which many requires getting up from that position and moving our fingers.

The strength that seems so desirable in a gym setting, on the face of it, appears redundant in the real world.

What if I left the argument there? Done. Dusted. It's a fact most people are sedentary and it makes no difference to them, they live beyond 70, enjoy the telly and buy the food they like. They go to work, come home and chill.


Think about this, what happens to the body when you practice something? Take something like ice skating. The more you do it, the better you get at it.

When you are sedentary the same process of adaption is taking place. Your body is getting better. But not better in a good way. Its getting better at being inactive. As you cease to use motor skills, muscle, heart function, bone density, joint range and tissue length your body unlearns, removes, ceases to invest in growth.

The consequence is a spiral of disfunction. A move from a supple, energetic and athletic child to a stiff, achey and unskilled adult.

To combat this we utilise progressive, holistic and bespoke training solutions. These include strength, mobility and endurance exercises such as running, lifts, carries, pushing movements, pulling movements, primal movement and squats.

The human animal is designed to move and it has movement patterns that correspond to our physical attributes.

We jump, we squat, we run, carry things, hang from things, we are natures generalists.

Life is varied.

Choosing to build your skill and strength in these main areas will translate to a healthier more 'functional' individual.

This is important first to counter act the decline that will happen through inaction. A spiral of morbidity that can leave people in pain, isolated and unable to cope on their own.

taking control of your health opens up the world in untold ways.

This could be as simple as exploring the countryside on a long walk, playing with your children/grand children or getting involved in sport without pain and perhaps desires for performance.

If you fall you can get up again, you can run for the bus, have energy to get through the day. Build a resilient body that faces the challenges and can excel.

By improving ourselves physically we change ourselves in other ways. We realise inner strength, pushing ourselves to new levels of excellence. Improving ourselves physically can lead to new habits that inform other areas of our life.

We believe in training for a reason, focusing on a goal and putting place the skills and habits to achieve it. It's a two way street, so we look for those who can match our enthusiasm because the journey isn't easy.

It's not handed to us on a plate, but that's why it can be life changing.

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