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Burn out: Getting off the merry-go-round

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Burn out: Getting off the merry-go-round

Are you just waiting for the Christmas so you can collapse? How we deal with pressure often defines us.Whilst the lead up to Christmas can be a fun time with office parties and general celebrations it can also be a time where you start to feel the stresses or strains of working hard and the cold, dark days. I had many late autumns where I felt like I'd got on a train but there weren't any stops. I felt trapped and exhausted.

These days there's huge pressure for us all to succeed. This pressure permeates through the generations, with children worrying about the future and what their test results will mean for their careers. Adults have endless expectations. Expectations we have for ourselves, the expectations of colleagues or work and family and society 'standards' that need to have been met in order for an individual to have 'made it'.

People are told to push through the fatigue and toughen up. How tough do you feel when life get's on top?

The fitness industry plays it's own role in this. Plenty of HIIT workouts, ab smashes and total body fat melting... or with names along those lines. Toughen up, beat yourself fit. Look x,y and z are doing it on instagram, so it must work.

I recently read that Kim Kardashian takes 1000 selfies to get the right one for her instagram account.... (!!!) So no wonder that late night party selfie reveals a double chin!

I've faced these pressures, and still do. These pressures play a massive role in my life, and I spend time thinking about how to manage them. Importantly, because my clients face the same pressures.

I don't always get it right for myself, but I have for the last 5 years endeavoured to place my physical wellbeing as a key area to get right.

What can you do to maintain your health in the lead up to Christmas?

  • Be Kind to yourself - If you're healthy you'll be better equipped to deal with what life throws at you
  • Be realistic - don't set goals you can't achieve. Doing something is better than nothing but don't overwhelm yourself. Have a think about what you'd like achieve before Christmas
  • Start small and build success in weekly - if your missing lunch, try looking to eat one lunch next week, and two the following. If you eat more then great.
  • Move - it's so easy with the dark days, poor weather, autumn tv schedule and good food to sit around doing nothing. Look to move in someway everyday. Get out in the fresh air, connect with the world and use your body everyday. It could be a walk, some yoga, a gym session or gentle jog.
  • Diet Diet Diet - I don't mean starve yourself. Because mince pies are everywhere that doesn't mean every day should be a children's party. Enjoy the festivities but quantity doesn't mean you'll enjoy it more! Focus on having good quality meals, spend a bit more, less often.
  • Socialise outside work - phone a friend, basically turn off your work device after work. Or if you job doesn't allow you to disengage (on call?) then try to reserve a couple of hours in an evening which don't involve checking work emails every 10 mins.

The list could go on, I think the key message is: set boundaries, be kind to yourself and invest in the process.

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