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Are you getting better? Or just sweaty?

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Are you getting better? Or just sweaty?

The year will soon be drawing to a close and it’s time to open that first advent calendar door. Come January you’ll be inundated by adverts and promotions with the theme ‘New Year, New You’.

This time of year is a good opportunity to reflect on what you’ve achieved over the last 11 months. Assess what your goals were and what progress was made towards them, if any?

If I think about my goals, I’ve not quite hit all of them which is good to note. It helps me adjust what I’m doing and allows me to do things differently in 2018.

I like to to base my goals around skills.

Have you thought about including goals around how your move or the habits around your health? Not just general goals such as weight loss or getting ‘fit’. If you did think about some skills you wanted to achieve, were you successful?

Those who follow the usual method of working out, will get sweaty, increase their heart rate and feel really uncomfortable. It feels like they've done a lot of good things. This, in truth, is not the most effective approach to reaching a fitness goal. It’s particularly unhelpful when trying to acquire a skill.

I can guarantee with the typical approach you’ll feel tired, you’ll have burned some calories and you’ll have put your heart rate into a high percent of max. My question: have you got better?

I suppose you may ask why being better makes a difference? Well, if you have more skill you can do more, your more effective, your body changes to accommodate the skills. Increasingly advanced skills require a healthier body and mind. So not only do you look better you have higher function.

One of the game changers in my pursuit of health was changing my mind set from ‘working out’ to practice. I train to achieve something, this keeps me focused and accountable. I track things, I think about how to do something better each session.

Yes, I’m a personal trainer so it is my job. It never used to be though. I worked in sales, for a great company with super people. What happened though was that as I got better at my training and skill acquisition I found that I wanted to make more time for my health.

I was driven to integrate it into my life in other ways. I am constantly moving towards being better.

Not just uncomfortable.

It’s never linear but my progress is never static.

What have you been struggling to achieve this year, and have you thought about what skills you want to achieve?

I’d love to hear about your journey.

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