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What is the Ideal Body?

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What is the Ideal Body?

When I talk with people about building their ideal body, I do my best to remind them that it's not an immediate gratification thing. It's also not determined by a standard. It's personal and it's the culmination of many things.

I went through a very long evolution to where I am...and I'm still evolving.

You can't just snap your fingers and magically have the health that you want.

But you can start today and have your own ideal body 'under construction.'

First think about the following:

“What things are most important to you? How does your exercise and eating fit into this?

“Imagine you have gotten everything you want. What exactly does that look like?”

For me, health is having the ability to do something physical and not be 'limited', to have no pain. For movement and sport to be playful…. Having more confidence and longevity.

Before intense exercise was just off limits. Running was off limits (my knees), fitting into nice clothes was off limits (my stomach), pull ups were a fantasy (too heavy and elbows hurt), walking was even tough (back hurt and knees), weight training.... (knees, back, elbow etc hurt).

But like anyone who’s achieving health goals...it's been a process.

I've done a loads of stupid things (shakes to lose weight), starvation - (to lose weight), bandaging up all my joints so they didn’t hurt, random HIIT training (my knees, my knees!!), expensive trainers (ankles, knees, back… oh god!), hoping I could just run the weight off. I felt I was broken already, and feared that I would just get worse as I aged.

Case Study

I’ve been working with fantastic lady who's been training with me for a while. She started her journey from a standing start. She was dealing with many of the issues I’d been through and lost loads of confidence, particularly as most training and exercise seemed off limits.

11 months later and she’s a pushing herself, achieving PB’s and exploring movement (and exercise intensity) in ways that she didn’t even think was possible in January. I’m super proud of her, but it came off the back of training with focus and consistently, showing up in mind and body, engaging with the process and not being just outcome based.

Those of you who have started the 28 Day Transformation can achieve a whole lot in the next month. So imagine what you could do in 12 months!

So the question you need to ask yourself is this...are you willing to do the work to reap the reward?

Will you 'build' your ideal body...because you can't just have it.

It's earned.

And you can start constructing it today...will you?

What would help you most right now?

2018 is very much underway, we’re here to help. We’ve seen countless people turn the ship in the direction they want to go.

Reach out and let's have a conversation,

In health,


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