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The Key Skills That Have Kept Me on Track for Years!

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The Key Skills That Have Kept Me on Track for Years!

I've been thinking about the key skills that have kept me on track since I lost my stubborn weight back in 2011.

I've been on a constant trajectory to where I want to go. It's not been easy, but I've remained focused and particularly over the last few years I've invested in the process.

Here are the skills that personally keep me on track:

1. Food Prep

2. Cooking from scratch

3. Not eating carbs in the morning - my preference (not gospel)

4. Not having sweets or junk in the house

5. Reducing my alcohol intake

6. Not eating bread

7. No sugary drinks - I've not had a fizzy pop drink since 2011. I lost the taste after the test.

8. Being consistent

9. Regular Coaching - I have a PT

10. Regular Exercise

Literally, these are the things I'm best at, I don't want to be a fitness model so restrictive calorie based diets are not for me. I like the flexibility of being able to eat out socially and not feel guilty.

But I have a system, and I have habits that mean I don't even want to binge. I have no desire anymore.

I used to crave cigarettes even once I'd given up (when things had gone well, bad, I was bored or was chilled...) now I want to train when I'm stressed. Cigarettes don't even feature.

My biggest realisation was that it is a process and reaching your goals is never linear. So enjoy being 'under construction'!

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