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7 Steps to Achieving the Best Results from Your Workout

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7 Steps to Achieving the Best Results from Your Workout

How often do you see someone walk off the street, into the gym, and then start lifting the heavy weights right from the off?

I see it all the time, its typically a guy. They walk over to the dumbbells pick up a random heavy pair lie on a bench and start their exercise.

They may occasionally hold their shoulder or put their hand on their back to deal with a tweak. They then continue their exercises, walk over to each piece of equipment and choose a random weight which bears more relation to what the person next to them is using and not what they can or should do.

This is why they don't see any results and also why they get injured all the time.

Another common approach is to spend 30 mins on the running machine, then maybe 20 on cross trainer. do a couple of stretches and then off home.

Structuring your workout isn't rocket science if you follow these simple rules:

1. Know what you want to achieve - Do you want to lose weight or tone up, build muscle or endurance? Your goals will focus your session and help you choose the right exercises for the job.

2. Choose exercises that will get you the result. If you want to bulk up then spending 30 mins of the treadmill is not going to do that for you. Do some research and focus on the basics and do them well.

3. Warm up - Yes I know it's a bind. When you only have 50 mins you don't want to waste time. My clients will attest to the fact that the warm up prepares them for the 25 mins of intense training that follows. The cool down then offers a welcome embrace!

4. Work hard when you are working - there's no point going through the motions. If you are doing press ups or doing intervals on the rowing machine put some effort in.

5. Focus on how you are doing things not just how hard you are exerting yourself - Form or the way you do something is key to breaking through plateaus. We cannot expect exceptional results with a substandard approach.

6. Record your progress - just like those people who are successful at losing weight by using food diaries a training journal will help you remember which weight you were on. You can then track progress and determine how to break through plateaus.

6. Cooldown - calm your body down at the end of your session. Spend a couple of minutes winding down. Choose some light movement - such as gentle versions of your warm up, or go for a walk. I like breathing techniques.

7. Stretch - choose 3 or 4 stretches for trouble areas and spend 60-90 seconds in the stretch. We can't expect 15 seconds of an unfocused stretch to undo hours of poor posture.

Use the above 7 points to focus your workouts. Many of you only have so much time, so with a bit of planning why not make the most of the gym time you've allocated?

If it all sounds too complicated then give me a bell, I have some free workout plans plus I do the thinking for you in a session.

I'll evaluate your needs and make sure you're hitting your goals.

In health,


p.s. if you need some inspiration or just want someone to help guide through this then get in touch (just reply to this email). It's my job to help you get results. If you're ready for change, up for a challenge and want to feel great then get in touch.

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