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Do You Jump From Program to Program?

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Do You Jump From Program to Program?

Health is a stressful business. Everyone offers results, sometimes you get them, sometimes they stick for a while or perhaps they aren't quite what you want or expected.

A common next step can be to seek out the next program. Perhaps they'll have the answer. Maybe they will. There are a lot of good programs out there.

You follow it, it works or maybe it doesn't, and for whatever reason you lose interest, get complacent or are disappointed.

(Frequently a program isn't followed at all. This is more common than you think. I spend most of my time trying to prevent this.)

Then you research the next solution. Maybe this time it'll work.

I can categorically say I do have the solution.

Here it is:

It's coming.

I promise.






It's YOU!

Yep, a real corny answer. But it's true.

When I see exceptional results in a client it's because of a few things that THEY implement in their lives and look to master, I've outlined them below:

1. Successful people really want it:

I mean its super important that they succeed. They may have spent their hard earned money, or it's just the right time. Either way, they really focus.

Case Study: I am working one to one a lady on her nutrition. Visualising her ideal body was hard, she just couldn't quite do it. But she made a decision to change and commit. She is bar none one of the most committed people I've worked with. Checking in on her nutrition lessons daily, practicing the skills, investing in the basics. Reaching out when she is stuck.

She's the author of change and she WILL get where she wants to go. It's not going to be a quick thing, but it will end up being permanent if she maintains the focus she's currently doing. I think the exploration part will be the most fun when she looks back.

2. Successful people make time for their health:

It's easy to make a purchase (such as my time) and hope that its going to happen. Hope plays a very small role in results. YOU making YOUR health a priority and assigning TIME for it does play a role.

Case Study:

I've had numerous clients who each week, shift their session because their work is demanding. But they always get their two sessions in. They just make it happen. If they are tired they just reduce their workload during the session. I'm cool with that because they are there. Building a body takes time.

If training and eating well is at the bottom of your priorities then you need to re-adjust your expectations.

3. Successful people are consistent:

People who make small and incremental changes week after week get results. Sometimes it may feel like you're going nowhere - that's reality for everything worthwhile.

Did you wake up as a Managing Director, Partner, expert in your area, did you achieve grade 8 piano in one month, or were you a great parent straight away? Why do we expect our bodies to bend to our will overnight and defy the laws of biology?

When you've plateaued, as it happens frequently in health, prioritise consistency over intensity and you'll get lasting changes. That consistency adds up.

Case Study:

A previous client made some small changes to her day by having meetings in her lunch break in the canteen. Previously she didn't eat at all during the day.

She still hit her targets at work, she just didn't spend the day starving. Which I argue is not a way to excel at work.

This became the new-normal fast.

The cascade effect of this small change lead to 11IBs weight-loss in one month.

4. Successful People accept their current habits are not fit for purpose and they need to undertake the challenge of changing their behaviours so that they get the result they really want.

Case Study: I've just started working with someone who's made great progress in training but plateaued in their weightloss goals. They've now decided to work with me to focus on their habits around food and break the cycle.

This change in mindset is significant and they'll reap the rewards long term. They understand they need to get out of the way of the themselves!

5. Successful People have a network of Accountability. Successful clients when they are feeling low reach out for support.

They pull on their social network, their PT, or a community and they listen to themselves to recognise they need support. They also ask that network to take into account their goals - i.e. not force cake on them!

Case Study: I've 3 couples on my 28 Day Program at the moment. We share a lot in a relationship so why no share your health?

So now what?

I could go on, there are a lot of nuts and bolts that make up success. You can see from the points above, if you make a shift to commit to yourself, and the results mean enough, you can step back, evaluate how you fit into the process and not just rely on someone else. RESULTS WILL COME based on this.

Genetics rarely play a role.

Your genetics do if you want to be a 100 metre sprinter, a model or the worlds strongest man. But weightloss and health is a universal attribute.

I always say you can't expect health when you live in an environment of sickness.

The real freedom comes from knowing that YOU can be the author of your own transformation.

When I dig into circumstances around weight gain or a lack of progress there is rarely - I mean very rarely - a time when all the above is in place.

This means something can be done!!!!

On my 28 Day Transformation Program, I'll provide a system that get's results. If you're interested in having me on your team and you want me to work with you to get a result then REACH OUT!

It's difficult doing it on your own, I've been there and made all the mistakes.

Make a commitment to yourself that's non-negotiable and get that result.

In health,


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