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A future and a life ahead of you that is AUTHORED by you.

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A future and a life ahead of you that is AUTHORED by you.

Personally speaking, the last 3 months have been quite interesting and demanding. I’ve focused heavily on growing Hounds of Health and building a community of great clients I love working with.

If you've run your own business you’ll know that it’s often one big fog and often very consuming both in time and mentally.

It's all good and I would not choose another path for myself. Our lives can often be like this.

Life can be busy, demanding and before you know it, large parts of it pass you by. You look up and a couple of years have drifted by.

You're a little older, a little pudgier, a little slower and not quite as energetic. The things is you still remember what it was like to be the youthful energetic person.

It's just that you're not. Your bogged down with work, your spare time is compacted now you have kids, and when you exercise you can only keep it up for a month or two until you get injured or something get's in the way.

It's here we make excuses for ourselves. These excuses are perpetuated by our social circle and the media.

You're getting old, things hurt. Middle age spread is inevitable. When you have kids you can't have a life.

Does this have to be the case?

When you commit to a program of health, it's very demanding and requires so much of you and your time. It can be super stressful trying to build the habits you need around health.

All of us have second guessed much of what we have done and the decisions we made. It's no big secret.

If you've undertaken plenty of HEALTH INITIATIVES... then you are probably pretty pessimistic about the outcome.

I've been there, and my internal monologue lacks faith. I used to think... "i'm going to have to do this next January... bloody 'ell"

12 months of the year I'm focused. Not just January or pre holiday (note to self... need a holiday...!!)

Accept early on that if you get it right then 4, 5 or even 10 years plus into it your health, it's going to be more of the same. If it means something to you you need to keep doing it.

But now you’re faster, slimmer, fitter and more energetic but still working damn hard)

My health has been a fulfilling path of personal discovery for me and it's now my career.

However, the key is to remember your "why" for doing all that you do.

Without a deep connection to this, you will constantly second guess everything you do. Just ask any person who has gone through some event that has stretched them to their limits.

This actually brings me to the point of this newsletter. I can be a little long winded but:

I truly believe that sometimes knowledge on whats the best diet or exercise is NOT what we need to hear to move forward.

I have experienced this in the countless number of nutrition and exercising coaching consultations I have taken. Sometimes we just don't need more information.

Sometimes we just need support.

It's why I have a Personal Trainer and professional coaches.

Sometimes we just need someone else's belief in us to push us forward. I know this was true for me on many occasions. Particularly throughout 2018 when I made some major decisions and leaps of faith.

Most importantly: Belief is the key to success.

Having people who care or support us can help cultivate belief.

I often talk about having your "Ideal Body" which is amazing, but it comes with a price.

I can speak about these things with confidence and passion because I’m building that body myself and my ideal has changed, in fact if I looked back 8 years I’d be pretty happy about where I am. Hard work, discipline, courage and commitment to what was "imoortant" to me pushed me through.

Now, it takes knowing you are AMAZING. It may sound silly but it's true. When is the last time you said this to yourself and actually believed it?

Trust me, we all have these inner conversations with ourselves when the going gets tough. I know for a fact I certainly do.

You are reading this because you are looking to invest in your health for a reason. You likely did not just land where you are by accident.

My life is frequently pretty hectic, mentally and physically demanding. I’ve been through a full range of life experiences whilst trying to keep my health from going to pot. My experience has taught me so much about my what is important and what I want to accomplish in life.

Now understand, sky high goals require sky high commitment and a connection to your deepest why?. If not, well, you know what happens. You have been trying long enough to realise that outcome.

Here are my suggestions moving forward:

1. Write down your what your ideal body and health would look like. Don't be afraid because fear will not help you. It's a written assignment not a death sentence.

2. Realise that it is doable and that you have the ability to make it happen.

3. Understand that it will require a real commitment! One that may seem daunting and actually, this is quite normal.

4. Ask yourself daily, did I do everything humanly possible to move forward with my goals? EVERYTHING?

5. After you write it all down, circle it. Then make a commitment to yourself.

6. Believe that you are amazing and that you have a future and a life ahead of you that is AUTHORED by you.

Now, go out and make some magic happen.

We don't bottle magic but we do cultivate support and provide a system. Reach out and book a consultation to establish your 'Why?'

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