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How many of you can't SEE yourself in shape?

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How many of you can't SEE yourself in shape?

Everyday I write exclusive content on my facebook group (members only) here's a recent post.

While writing this yesterday I really started to remember the struggles I had getting fit. This post may strike a cord for many of you.

How many of you can't SEE yourself in shape? How many of you struggle to visualise a healthy version of you?

We consciously have control of the information we put into the machine. We also have conscious control over the information we receive.

If you constantly reinforce the negative, it's difficult to see a positive outcome.

So picture this: In comes a Personal Trainer and who tells you that you can do it?

Your reactions? It almost doesn't even register. Why? Because you've never seen the evidence and it's never been reinforced by experience.

So our conscious mind rejects it.

What you consciously accept repeatedly becomes impressed on your subconscious mind.

Why is that important?

Your subconscious mind controls everything.

It's where your paradigms are developed and set - the why's and ways you do things. Both genetic and environmental.

To break the habit we have to break the programming.

The body is part of this. The thoughts I have become impressed in our physical being.

We are down so we reach for junk food, our bodies reflect those actions.

Actions caused by our minds and our subconscious belief set.

I remember looking at the scales and seeing an overweight injured man... I looked in the mirror and saw an overweight tired man... so I started to think like an overweight man.

The cycle starts repeating and feeding back into itself.

You may have been feeding that loop for 30 years plus.

What are your paradigms that holding you back?

You've got all these thoughts. Some of them formed because of the environment you are in.

This is why a group like this can be so important. You are surrounding yourself with people focused on change and breaking the cycle.

So your ability to lose weight, get fit and healthy can be influenced by this process. Influenced in a good way.

You are consciously accepting change now. When you step on the scale and see three pounds down... then three weeks later another three pounds you are feeding your subconscious positive vibes.

Rebuilding your habits and breaking the cycle of ill health.

When you see a success story here, big or small you are feeding that cycle in a positive way!

Now you are a person losing weight and getting healthy!

Body under-construction, not in disrepair!

I warn you it's here your self-image will kick in and it will say:

"This is not who I am! I'm overweight and unfit!

I'm someone who sacrificed myself for my job, kids etc.

I'm not supposed to feel good about myself!"

Here you're doomed.

This is why we gain the weight back or quit a program.

You don't see yourself like a healthy person.

How many of you had a crap month and then you turned it right round?

How many of you gained 20 pounds over your 'normal' weight and went back to your plateau slightly overweight self in a few months?

That's pretty easy.

How many of you lost 20 pounds bringing you close to your ideal weight?

But then went back to your 'normal' weight?

Then it's super hard to lose it again!

Step back.

It's not about the next diet or challenge.

It's just going to give you that boost, but it's not sustainable because it doesn't address what?


How do you build a new self-image? You REPROGRAM it.

Here's how:

1. Become aware of the process - see what you've accomplished

2. Repetition, repetition, repetition. You have to accept you this is you now.

If you've always been the fat kid or guy you're going to have a vacuum where your previous Identity was. It's needs are to be defined by mindful and repeated positive actions. Like a sculptor, you are setting the image free from the stone block.

3. Visualisation - not just the goal but the steps to get you there. Create an automated process in the mind. It becomes second nature. Conor McGregor is a master at this. Visualise then go! No woo woo stuff, really see yourself in this position.

4. Surrounding yourself with people who are doing it!

i.e. How can that person be kicking my butt. Here's a 60kg individual swinging a 24kg kettlebell... I'm a guy weighing in at 90kg and the 20kg is killing me.

This is not competition instead they are INSPIRATION!

Step it up!

Enjoy the process and become the person you want to be.

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