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Power Up Your Press Up! Can't Get Your First Press Up? Video Tutorial

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For many people the press up is out of reach. A lot of women I speak to would absolutely love to crank out a press up, but lack the strength.

Many guys do them for warm ups but really don't see them as the main part of their training.

Universally, I see pretty poor technique. This is the main reason the press up is either out of reach or not giving you the training effect you want.

In this video Hounds of Health Instructor Martha demonstrates some perfect press ups (basically she does all the hard work) and I'll guide you through the steps to get you that first press up or power them up to more advanced variations (the sky's the limit).

Remember we do this day in day out and have helped loads of people achieve anything from their first press up to touching their toes!

Reach out if you want some expert help to hit your goals.

Coach Paul

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