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The Bad Diabetic

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At Hounds of Health we train people from all backgrounds, all fitness levels and all kinds of goals. Let me introduce you to Mark.

Mark's an entrepreneur, an adventure lover, vlogger and a type 1 diabetic.

Typically we don't define people by conditions, injuries etc. In Marks case this has been upfront and a focus.

Back in July we started working together because Mark had a couple of goals. In fact he had a mission!

The mission in his words:

My life is hectic! Although everyone's seems to be this way these days! However, I have over the last 3 years gradually been letting my diabetic and life balance management disintegrate.

I walked into my Doc's office, and she looked at my blood results, and simply said: "these are not good!"

It is time for a self-imposed intervention. To break the bad habits and forge new ones, not just in one part of my life, but in several.

I know I have stuck things out, once publicly committed - so this vlog is just a bigger version.

The Missions:

#1 - Complete the IGOAdventure

The IGO guys have created an awesome adventure program that I simply had to try and complete. The Rocky Mountains and the event are a massive bucket list item. So I will vlog and crawl my way round in September.

Till then - I just got to prepare!

#2 - Reduce my HBA1c by 40%

My doctor officially told me - "you are a bad diabetic", and with an HBA1c of 82mmol at the start of this challenge. I cannot disagree!

What is the HBA1c - for people with diabetes this is important as the higher the HbA1c, the greater the risk of developing diabetes-related complications. HbA1c is also referred to as haemoglobin A1c.

His first port of call was to create a site and youtube channel to document his Journey:

>>>>>>> Visit his Site here<<<<<<<<

His second decision was to work with someone to help him build strength, endurance and get on top of his nutrition.

This is where we have come in.

We've been working closely with him to hit his goals!

Follow his journey on Youtube here: >>>>>> YOUTUBE<<<<<<<<



>>>>>>> Visit his Site here<<<<<<<<

If you have a 'Mission' then we want to be part of it!!! Get in touch and reply to this email!

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