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Let me just check my calendar...

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Let me just check my calendar...

Getting fit is a challenge... I live and die by my calendar. 🤓

Here's a screenshot of my calendar from a week or so ago. I post it here because it's probably much like yours. Rammed.... but maybe there may be a subtle difference...

I've scheduled my training sessions each day.

It's an appointment with myself. Where I focus my mind and body. I rarely miss it, if ever, because it keeps me sharp and I enjoy it.

Being in a gym doesn't always mean I can train. I have calls booked in randomly - I have consultations... childcare commitments, training sessions, other basic business commitments such as Accounting etc. Finding an hour to train (plus building in shower time) means it needs to be scheduled.

It's the creative basis for my business and if I don't create space I don't schedule creativity.

Creativity and inspiration don't just happen it needs to be nurtured.

When I used to work with musicians the best ones focused their creativity by treating it as a job. Fun job.

The least successful hoped inspiration would 'hit' them. It rarely did.

I had a trainer in the gym come up to me recently who said 'You are always here, Paul."

I said well it's my job and my business... I'm not in this part-time...

I'm a laugh, aren't I....? 😅😅

I know I will be busy, I have limited time so I ensure I protect my time by blocking it out.

How do you manage your time and how do you protect your health?

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