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Barry lost 13Ibs in 4 Weeks, now I'm going to tell you how you can too!

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Barry lost 13Ibs in 4 Weeks, now I'm going to tell you how you can too!

I run a 28 Day Transformation Program, perhaps you are reading this blog because something isn't working and you want to change.

Below I outline how you can make a change, just like Barry who lost 13 pounds and started reclaiming his movement and healthy lifestyle.

If you read my other blog posts you'll know that Hounds of Health like getting people stronger, super motivated, building healthy habits around food and keep people accountable.

First of all, it starts with a phone call! We want to be CERTAIN you are a great fit for this program (we don’t just take anyone…for the record. Plenty say they want to hit their goals but when you lay out the options they're not interested in actually succeeding.

The 28 Day Transformation program uses the following to get you RESULTS:

  • Structured Nutrition System - You get access to a members-only website, a daily email keeping you accountable
  • Training Twice a week - we focus on getting you strong and resilient. Not just smoked.
  • A powerful support system – a community really – of people just like you to answer questions or exchange ideas (a really active and exciting facebook group)
  • World-class accountability
  • Oh, and a 100% guarantee of success (Yes, you read that one correctly. See below)

Anyway… don't just take my word for it!

"The 28 day transformation is exactly that, with Paul and Hounds of Health training... In 28 days I am 10lbs lighter and more lean (not skinny). I have lost 10cm off my waist, 3cm from my hips and 1-2 cm from arms, thighs and calves. I have muscle definition that I've not had before. I can see that I have previously undiscovered abs! The nutritional test enabled me to see what works for me for energy, nutrition and recovery... It's also rebooted my motivation to be active and I feel I have more energy to do 'stuff'... I would recommend the program to anyone looking for a guiding light to lifestyle changes leading to better health and fitness levels."

"I've just finished the 28 day body transformation program with Paul and am so delighted with my results that I've signed up for another round! Paul is such a pro and amazing to work with. Highly recommend working with Paul to anyone needing to improve their fitness and well being.Thanks so much Paul...can't wait to see the results from the next four weeks."

"Paul puts you at ease immediately. No matter how chaotic/hectic your lifestyle is, he can work out a plan to help. I lost several inches, in all areas and 6kg with his 28 day programme! He re-educated me on eating habits and these are habits I will carry on! He also showed me new ways to exercise. Thanks again Paul! 😊😊😊😊😊"


Let me say just one last thing while you think about it:

I’m sure you have visualised what your “ideal body” would look like. (Think about it for about 10 seconds if it’s been a while)

I’m here to say – this is NOT a pipe dream.

We do this on a regular basis. I've transformed myself from a broken individual, a stressed out bloke thinking of past successes (if you could call them that).

That’s exactly WHY we guarantee the program! In 28 Day's you will be much closer to this ideal. You will lose weight and you will change your measurements, build confidence and move better. How many trainers say that you'll get fitter but it's just roulette? I want to change that.

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or just give me a call on 0203 723 7223 or email info@houndsofhealth.co.uk


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