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Are You Intentionally Sabotaging Your Progress?

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Are You Intentionally Sabotaging Your Progress?

I meet and take calls from a lot of people looking to get fit and healthy. They know it's important, they know that fit and healthy people seem to move a lot and eat well. They also know that society deems it important for status and perception. They feel the pressure to achieve a 'perfect' body or at least fit the clothes sizes in the shops or they've had a health realisation. With age comes a realisation that unless you use it, you lose it!

I often come across those that fear fit people are fit and healthy because they are either born like it, dedicate their lives to it, or leave pleasure behind.

Being on the coal face of this, I find a particular problem occurs during the decision to make a commitment to ones health. The biggest hurdle is usually making time for health in a busy schedule.

The truth is if you want to make an inroad into your health in any meaningful way you need to commit some time, don't worry you don't have to train like an athlete! In truth you need to make time for health.

It doesn't just happen in a few weeks or a few days of good behaviour!

During consultations I outline that in order to reach an individual's goals it will take 2-3 sessions a week for a minimum of 3 months to affect a change, a change that if they truly commit to, could build habits to last years or the rest of their lives. The response I sometimes get is' I'm just not sure I have time!'

What happened? Because they really want a solution. Well I could do a hard sell... but that's not the problem, it's what we drill down to which is?

The fear of having to make a real decision to change causes old habits to kick in and run the ship. They say... this is not possible.... I don't have three hours a week....my job is too important.... that's ridiculous....

I can't say this loudly enough, you need to make time for yourself! Other pressures and commitments will take that time off you trust me, these pressures may not be so beneficial for your health.

Think about this:

  • If you don't deserve to be on your own top ten list, then why should other people even matter?
  • If you want your kids to be healthy, start with you.
  • You cannot focus if you are in a sugar coma you need to adopt some self-care.
  • Fear can hold us in stasis, push out fear add in gratitude
  • Keep yourself moving forward
  • Good nutrition will make you excel at work
  • More strength and endurance will help you stay sharp all day
  • If we make no room for fitness then can we really ask the eternal question 'why can't I lose weight?'

For example, I hear the following frequently: I love food too much.

I would question whether you do if you make no time for it. If it's an afterthought, that merely results in a takeaway and some processed snacks, you don't love food too much. It's an addiction that's controlling your behaviour.

A great trainer said to me recently: 'there's something wrong when the trainer wants your weight loss more than you.' It's got to mean something to you. Let's be frank if it doesn't mean much to you then don't beat yourself up about it.

Pursue something else.

Most people, however, get to an age where they don't have a choice. A health event either happens to scare them or they realise they've lost so much function that things become so hard. Running for the bus, or getting up off the floor or no longer fitting into clothes! I'm not sure I'm prepared to gamble.

The reality that people will face eventually is if you don't make time, you don't achieve any results.

If you want implants in for your teeth, you need to turn up to the appointments with the dentist. The teeth won't regrow and plaque won't fall off on its own.

If you are not making time for health it's because your current habits are so powerful that they control you, your freewill is a poorly armed militia fighting a well trained national army!

If your the kind of person to say I don't want fitness to control me, you don't realise that your current habits have a total hold over you, leading you down a path to poor health and less function. Health could definitely control you when it fails.

I leave you with this: Are you intentionally sabotaging your progress, so you can say it didn't work?

Your internal monologue could go something like this: "I knew it all along, I'm different, these things don't work for me"

I'm saying rewrite the narrative, rewrite your bad habits and make a change. Take the steering well back and put your bad habits out with the rubbish.


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