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Prioritising Your Wellbeing For Lasting Success

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Prioritising Your Wellbeing For Lasting Success

Yes work is important, but I argue that in order to truly be successful you need to nurture yourself. Easier said than done I know!

A few weeks ago I wrote a tongue in check article on balancing your health and work. It’s something that has continued to play on mind, not only is balance something I’ve looked to come to grips with in my personal life, but also it’s an issue that has come up in discussions with clients of late.

The individuals I work with are very capable individuals. They work hard, have demanding responsibilities at work and demand a lot of themeselves. By working with me they’ve made a commitment to invest in themselves by undertaking a training program. Each and every individual has come to this decision for their own unique reasons, some guided by a specific goal, others to regain balance. Everyone though has the challenge of integrating health into their life.

Our modern lives offer less and less space to think, nurture ourselves and make positive choices that invest in our wellbeing, whether physical or mental.

Stress comes in many guises whether it’s chemical (food, alcohol, poor air quality, smoking, medication), Physical (sitting, injury, age, disability, disease, too much exercise(!)), or mental (money worries, career stress, family, partner, depression, grief, anxiety, body image or bad habits).

Given that there are so many ways stress can enter our lives it’s important that we are kind to ourselves and build personal enrichment into each day. Even if this may feel it comes at the expense of something else, like work.

I often hear ‘I don’t want fitness to get in the way of my work. It pays the bills, I have targets etc’, I’ve also heard during consultations that they don’t want health to get in the way of their life!

I understand from my own experience that work pays the bills, I also understand that many roles require commitment above and beyond the contracted hours. In the current labour market there is increasing pressure to prove your worth on daily basis for fear that someone else may get the promotion/raise/contract. If your running a company or department then you’ll have the added pressures of setting an example for your employees/team and you’ll be needing to deliver.

But stressed people don’t tend to be happy and they don’t tend to be productive! They don’t sell well, they don’t lead well, and they don’t reflect the business well. In many ways your are the best advert for your business.

I know this from experience, I’ve experienced great stress at times. In previous jobs I’d turn up to work and struggled through the day. I felt total pressure not only on delivering the big things but the small things. This permeated into my behaviour outside work, small things stressed me out. Eventually, I started seeing negative things in pretty much every activity, even my training which was a usually my meditation. If I failed to hit a rep range or if I didn’t feel 100% I’d get annoyed and frustrated and then my session suffered and my recovery was compromised.

Focusing on a computer screen or conversation with my wife or friends was difficult. I knew I wasn’t right, but I was on the merry go round and didn’t know how to get off.

I feel far more relaxed about life at the moment, I still have pressures and can get anxious about things. But I’ve been working hard to restore balance in my life and focus on the good, not fearing what might happen.

Do you have similar experiences? If so the chances are that finding the willpower to take care of your wellbeing will be at the bottom of the pile of responsibilities.

Your well being is something you actually can have real control over, it is something that will empower you and energise you. It will make other tasks easier.

If you engage in the pursuit of positivity, it will start to reward you. Your body and mind are interconnected, the ancient greeks new it, we know it. However, many people don’t have a system for integrating it into a busy schedule.

Here are my tips to taking back control and prioritising yourself,

1. Plan - failing to plan is planning to fail. In general most people know what they can expect to be doing each week. Of course, things arise that need to be dealt with but most people know what time they need to be in work and when they generally finish. Find some time at the weekend to find time in your diary set aside a couple of hours or whatever you can do in the week that you keep for yourself.

2. Build a movement habit into each day - make it automatic (thus easy and requires no willpower) read my morning ritual article or download my guide. My guide requires only 5 mins commitment a day.

3. Set boundaries - work/technology/people. How often do you say ‘No’?

4. Assess what is the most important thing to get done that day - It’s easy to assess every task or problem as equally urgent.

5. reserve time for quiet mind space - in the bath turn off your phone. Read on your commute. turn the tv off 30 mins before bed time. Walk without headphones. Reconnect with your mind, don’t rely on a constant drip feed of information from devices.

6. See health as a prerequisite for true success - simple. A healthy body helps build a healthy mind.

7. start an exercise program

Reflect on the points above, don’t worry if you can do all of these at once, make a commitment to looking at one area of your life.

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