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Behind the Curtain

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Behind the Curtain

There are great things that are happening inside our community, things that if you were part of could super charge your results. 

Thing is, and this is my mistake, you just don't know what is happening at Hounds of Health!

We may as well be invisible to the outside world…and the consequence is that we are invisible to the people who need us most. When health takes place at home, who is there to see the high fives, pr's, drops in measurements and weight?

I know you're exploring this website because something wasn't working and perhaps still isn't. 

You have an idea of what you want but what you are doing is not achieving it and the lockdown has interfered with your habits

So you keep reading our emails.

But now you'd like... so WHAT DO HOUNDS OF HEALTH ACTUALLY DO?

I mean, are they PTs... classes... nutrition... do they run bootcamps or are they like Joe Wicks (who I think is great btw)?

What then?

I basically wanted to answer these questions as clearly as possible.  If you still have goals that are floating in the ether or you are on the diet bandwagon you probably want an alternative health and fitness program and one that delivers during the pandemic!

It's likely that you may turn to a big brand like F45 or YouTube or something your David Lloyd/Virgin Active etc runs as part of your membership.   Some of them have put in place classes, some of them give free workouts, and some of them have a facebook page with 'tips'. Google also has loads of diets for free (keto... low cal... intermittent fasting...) but you don't get results on any of them... is that you are not able to get results?  

Of course not!!

Our ads looked good but you thought... too much of a risk, these emails I get are nice but these things never really work long term.  Let's play it safe, I know what I am getting with where I am... I like choice and freedom... I don't want to be tied into something. Hounds of Health's plan won't work, I've done similar things.. I've had PT's before and seen no change so why would this be different?

Don't get me wrong these mainstream businesses can be life changing.  They can be fresh, exciting and move the industry forward at a pace.  They focus on fresh surroundings, pumping music, exciting trainers and instagramable workouts. But we are not in that world anymore.

They have no real answer.  

This opens a space for personal training that is client centred. That is what Hounds of Health is, it is a business built around the needs of its clients. 

Since the Covid-19 crisis, we've built the business around these new needs.  We are not pretending that nothing has changed and that the world is just on freeze until 'normality' kicks back in.

So to answer your question about what we do, I'll keep it simple by starting with what we are not:

We don't just get people sweaty

We don't provide meal plans on a pdf

We don't do training fads

We don't do huge classes

We don't expert out clients to be experts

We don't count calories 

What we do provide is:

Results based, individualised health and fitness COACHING and a Vibrant community/family of clients that are focusing on changing their health on their terms.  This is all adapted for the lock down by delivering all this virtually (zoom, our nutrition coaching app and facebook (fb live workouts, Q&A's, client stories, systems to achieve results etc)

We provide a path to take you from where you are to where you want to be.

That could be weight loss or curating a healthy lifestyle in a new situation.  It will be unique to you.  

We are in the business of helping individuals achieve their goals.  The means built off this sole goal and Coach you to success.

What is a Coach?  

A Coach is someone who is vested in your journey, who provides a point of contact and expertise to move you closer to your goal.  That goal is unique to you, we don't drive it, that's your responsibility.  Instead we guide and motivate when needed.

Coaching doesn't change just because we were in lock down.  A coach that is tied to a tool is not much use.

We have a framework of course, as we use:

2/3x Strength and Conditioning Sessions - guided by an experienced Instructor, tailored to individual abilities in groups of no more than 6 hosted over Zoom or In Person

Access to VITAL our nutrition system (can deliver 3-9kg weightloss in 28 Days) and other nutrition coaching tools.

Flexibility for when you train multiple daily classes at times that work for you.

Personal contact with a Coach who will problem solve and give you honest feedback

And now for the big one: Community

Does your gym know your name, do the other clients recognise you, do they care?  Probably not.  I trained in a commercial gym last year and I remember someone got angry with me for using a machine that they wanted... another person walked into me whilst I was deadlifting, and someone else walked in front of me quickly to take the dumbbell I was reaching for....

Our community expresses itself on the floor of the gym, and now online via our zoom classes, also on the Transformation Club Facebook Page.  

What does that look like?  Here are some screen shots from our Transformation Club on Facebook.

The community is such a massive reason for peoples on going success.  

Why not be part of something bigger?

If you want some of this then just reply to this message or give me a bell (07866762191)

Your’s in health,


Putney Personal Training


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