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When it starts to work, it's time to stop

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When it starts to work, it's time to stop

Your program is going to be working so well, you’re going to stop doing it. ‘

Dan John (Strength Coach)


It’s in human nature to look for the next hit, fix or variety.


Frantisek was in the studio training a few clients with me on Tuesday evening and he said ‘every time I see you training you are doing kettlebell front squats’

I said ‘I know I F@$%#ng hate them’

Week in week out... front squats.

thing is I’m now on 3 sets of 20reps with 48kg. It’s not pleasant. I really don’t enjoy it. But I can do it, and I like the progress.

If you are like me there’s a kick of curiosity and an impatience to know what something else could deliver.

So imagine your program works. But what if you changed things up and took up a new approach. You’ve seen Someone else on it who looks awesome.

For me that might be: Yeah I hit 20 reps. Ok I’m going do back squats or I’m going to try one leg squats etc

The progress we see is never sufficient. I WANT MORE!!

We end up with the fitness equivalent of buffet panic.

The full spread fires something primal and we tear it apart and pile our plates with pizza next to chicken wings next to crackers and cheese a random cucumber makes it in there. But it’s covered in some bean type thing with a herb mix you think is quite nice to look at but ends up being basically grease...

Then you look over your shoulder every time

Someone else goes up. You may want thirds!

It doesn’t matter that your current plate contains 2500 calories of food.

Say you committed to a moderate approach that meant you lost 1 percent of your bodyweight every week. Is that attractive? How long before you got bored.

What if you planned your progress? You knew your end because you trusted the means.

Then your issue would not be with the method but whether the destination was worthwhile.



Coach Paul
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