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Are you worth investing in?

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Are you worth investing in?


Are you worth investing in?

I know that sounds like something from a government sponsored initiative or something from the dragons den, however I've been thinking about Investments vs expenses. 

At the turn of the industrial revolution there was a major shift in thinking.  The early industrialists realised that through investing in technology they could radically change their profitability and out compete the old style of businesses run by small enterprises and cottage industries. 

This mean investing in looms, or water power, canals, printing presses, steam engines etc. 

The natural consequence was that it drove the cost of labour down. People went from being the asset to the expense.  

Industrialists made it a priority to keep the cost of labour to a minimum so that they could maximise profits.  

In many ways this behaviour was pivotal in forcing people to unite and create unions or lobby for the minimum wage. This system is still an approach used today, particularly in parts of the world where labour remains cheap.

Now don't worry this is not some manifesto on socio economic disparity and I've had some kind of urge to create a speakers corner on facebook. What's the alternative? 

Many truly successful businesses are people centric and they realise that people are assets. 

They invest in their people, so rather than driving wages down and saying 'hey, you're lucky to have a job' they say, how can we work as a team.  I'm prepared to spend money to develop your skill set, and in turn you become a more effective advocate and a more profitable individual.

It perhaps seems a little left-field for a fitness post, but more people approach their fitness and the fitness industry in general, like an 18th century industrialist.
The first thought many of us have (I've been there) is "I need to buy X equipment as it'll help me reach my goals.  I'm going to get the best X on the market'
For example, a carbon fibre bike.  A beautiful piece of machinery that can lead to superior times up hill.  It's also a pleasure to ride and it was exciting to research.

Consequently often we don't then have enough money to learn how to use it or become exceptional. Knowledge is not important.

You see we often invest in 'things', we see these THINGS an investment but we see ourselves as an EXPENSE.

People are a cost surplus to requirement. The fact is that the THING we buy has no value outside our needs.

My personal view is that investing in yourself is more valuable than anything.  You could be investing time, money, resources etc. The end product being your personal development, education and growth.

It's the main reason I have a coach, why I read books, why I really use minimal equipment and minimal approach to health and nutrition.  Variety and snazzy gear doesn't make me better, investing in myself to make me better... makes me better!

Q: What else do you do invest in?

I'm going to highlight someone Huw (a client of ours). He has one of those lovely bikes, but when he came here he already had a cycling coach and approached me to plug the gaps in his strength and nutrition.  

The investment in the bike will now return much more because of his knowledge of his body.

So high five to Huw.

What do you do invest in?

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