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Studio Open and Corona Policy

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Studio Open and Corona Policy

Thank you so much for your patience.

A Just over a week ago all gyms were given the go ahead to open on the 25th of July.

There’s been a lot of work to do, I’ve been thinking long and hard about the best way to start opening up our space to training in person.

Thank you to our clients who have filled in a recent survey, it strongly guided my decisions. Please be aware that this is phase one of our opening, and it is subject to change.


Because we don’t know what the post lockdown world will bring. I’ve done my best to anticipate your needs, but I may find that certain classes are not attended, or some are really busy and I’ll need to react.

Hounds of Health is now runs a hybrid training approach. This means online is now integrated into our approach, and this will have really cool implications for what you can do (another post on this soon…!!!)

Here is the class timetable from Monday 27th:

7am - In Person
8am - In Person
9.30am - Online
7pm - in Person
7.30pm - online

7am Online
8am Online
10am in person
7pm online

7am: In Person
10am: In Person
7pm In Person
8pm online

7am online
7pm in person
7.30pm online

8am online
9.30am online

8am In Person
9am online

9am online

Covid Policy:
We are limiting the class sizes to 3 people in a semi private class. This may be limited to 2 at certain times. In person class times will be 45-50mins to allow for cross infection control.

Please read this overview of the changes we are making to ensure your safety. Be assured we are taking this seriously. We also ask that you do to, and if you want to train in person you MIGHT be someone who feels quite relaxed about COVID, someone you are training with, well, it may be making their first foray back to training and we’d ask you to respect our COVID policy:

- Your Temperature will be taken on arrival
- There will be a client flow when moving around the Daley Fitness club- 
- Hounds of Health members will not have access to the gym down stairs, as is being limited to 15 members
- Changing facilities are limited - so change at home or work. No access to the mens changing rooms (men to use the bathroom upstairs) / Women can use the       women’s upstairs
- Showers and Lockers are not in use temporarily.
- We need to store all bags in our studio. We ask that you are conservative with what you bring and understand that we cannot have mess in the studio.
- All equipment is disinfected between classes and after use
- No towels will be provided, please use the individual hygiene stations.
- Air Con pulls stale air out of the room
- Access to the club is members only
- Masks are not compulsory but please bring one as certain exercises expel air. Instructors will have them.
- One person one piece of equipment
- Social distancing markings - at a glance you will know your distance from another individual
- Fully Covid ready trainers
- Virtual classes for those not ready to train in person.

Our studio is connected to Daley Fitness and they are really serious about this, I am very impressed with them.

If you've been thinking about training and waiting for a change to work in person now is your time to get in touch.

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