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Why I Don't See a Distinction between 'Virtual' or 'In Person' Training

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Why I Don't See a Distinction between 'Virtual' or 'In Person' Training

At Hounds of Health we are way more interested in the application of coaching clients to a RESULT, rather than running classes.


I like hanging out and training with clients in the gym. I like the toys and the vibe.


But if tomorrow I was told it was impossible to train anyone in person ever again it wouldn't affect my job description.


We achieve results in-person, virtually or even purely by sending programming via email.

The truth is our virtual clients are smashing it at the moment!


Hounds of Health as a business and team of coach's is interested in the process of finding the most efficient route from A to B.

As such our environment things such as lockdown… the existence of a normal life… Christmas… birthday's... holidays...injuries… illness…. What equipment we have to hand… none of that really matters.


What matters is that we have a focused goal and that we find an efficient, sustainable and intelligent route to that end.

It could be a virtual route (for example my personal coach requires me to send in videos of my last set of each exercise). In the six months since working with him I’ve smashed previous plateaus and now I’m looking at a competitive goal.


It can be in person of course but I won't be saying anything different to you if you are in front of me on a computer screen or if you are over the phone or speaking to me via zoom.

There will be no normal for a long time, virtual and In Person will be offered in combination because it’s the fasted route from A - B.


I hope that gives you some insight into how we work and why we only see our classes as 50% of what we do.

I know pure gym offers cheaper classes. But they don’t offer our ability to build ideal bodies quickly and safely.


They also didn't have an answer to a change in what's 'normal'.

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