Cider Diet and other musings (Podcast and Video Interview)

Cider Diet and other musings (Podcast and Video Interview)

A few days ago I appeared on a Podcast by PeterLant of the Bath Kettlebell Society.

I've know Peter for a few years, and he is a big part of a community of awesome trainers I network with. 
In this chat we cover all things fitness as it pertain's to the busy person who wants to get fit but just can't make it stick!
I talk about being out of shape and working long hours trying to find the time to fit in my health

I was constantly injured and "made of glass" and I share what I did to make sure I remain strong and resilient.
This is a great podcast to listen to if you just don't know how you can juggle all the responsibilities in your life and get fit!!!

There's either a video or an audio podcast to choose from:


Here's the video >> Click HERE


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