There are 2 doors to choose from

There are 2 doors to choose from

There are 2 doors to choose from.
One which you shut and one which you open
The one you choose after reading the story below will provide great insight into whether you succeed or fail to reach the goals you set.
Here we go:
You started training and saw plenty of progress in the first months. Everything was going to plan.
You were caught up in the excitement of training and like seeing results. You'd not seen results for a long time.
you are preparing food, eating whole foods, enjoying your new found awareness of what it takes to be healthy.
You are getting stronger and seen old injuries fade.
This is reflected in the scale and your clothes.
Then something happens.
For the purposes of this post I'll use the example of a fall on an evening out. You hurt your ankle.
Your annoyed firstly because it hurts but also because you need to miss some sessions. You've been enjoying the progress and look forward to the training.
You take a week out and then start booking sessions for the following week.
You show up and struggle because of your ankle so you cancel the next couple of sessions.
However, with this extra time out old behaviours start creeping back in. You stop moving at work, you forget to buy quality food and go out for more drinks. You can always sit down in the pub.
By now you've missed three weeks. You check your self and book a session again. The ankle is better but not perfect, but you can train. However somethings changed.
You are not booking more than one session at time. You forget to book your second session of the week. This pattern continues.
Going from a consistent approach to an inconsistent individual.
You decide to motivate your self by getting measured again. It doesn't go the way you want and you get dispondent.
You tell your trainer that you will do better and you just need to get a few things out of the way and then you'll be back on track.
You have that conversation again a month later and nothings changed.
It's here you have two doors to choose from:
One which you open and one which you close.
The door you close looks like this.
Having seen that you've put on weight and your measurements are not good you decide that your training doesn't work, that it takes too much time and its not what you need in your life at the moment. You need to go away and think about what you need to do. You are sure that you'll use the gym in the apartment block and the one at work.
You start talking about ketogenic diets, intermittent fasting and new gym where you can turn up 24 hours a day and take a quick class for 30 mins. This is good because you have no time any more. Work is busy and you need your evenings.
What you are currently doing doesn't work any more. You need something to kick start your health, you need to see quick results again.
Now for the Door You Open
Having seen that you've put on weight and your measurements are not good you decide to book a call with your Coach. You realise that you are no longer doing the thing that worked. Having recognised this you know something needs to change. You know that you have personal responsibility and you know that with the right advice you can fix this. You also recognise this is easier said than done because you feel like you've lost motivation.
Perhaps you can see things from a different perspective if you talk things through.
After all you are fed up on never seeing long term results and you hate jumping from program to program. Being unhealthy makes you unhappy but you can see other people get healthy so why can't you.
The coffee with you coach gives you an opportunity to see the situation differently and also their encouragement takes some pressure off your shoulders. You were so fixated on the result that you forgotten to have some fun.
The ankle is still an issue so they've told you to see a physio and that you need to do the exercises.
You realise that this will take a lot of energy, energy that at the moment feels lacking. But in the meeting you re-establish why you started this process.
Why you were doing this.
You weren't doing this to give up when it got difficult.
Which door do you choose?
Which have you chosen before reading this.
In one example someone throughs the baby out with bath water.
In the second then navigate issues by taking control.
Neither route is easy but one is harder in the long term.
The one that leaves you feeling lost is easier at first but does not get you where you want to be.
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