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Time magnifies the margin between success and failure

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Time magnifies the margin between success and failure

I keep coming back to Atomic Habits by James Clear


Love this statement.


“Time magnifies the margin between success and failure. It will multiply whatever you feed it. Good habits make time your ally. Bad habits make time your enemy.”


And then this one:


“Decide the type of person you want to be. Prove it to yourself with small wins.”

What is a small win for you? Each day, each week that lead in the direction you want to go?


For me it’s diary management- each weekend and every evening I try to manage my time for the next week/day.

It’s the only way I can spend time with the family, train, run a business, write, relax, be creative without going insane. 🥴🥴🥴

They are all priorities in different ways.


You guys are no different in fact many of you have much more responsibility, more pressure, less time, more kids or less support.


The time these things demand of me varies each week and often I do feel overwhelmed. Which is frequently an understatement.

It’s normal to be overwhelmed particularly if it’s not area of expertise or experience.

In those times I turn to what keeps me steady, Rather than turn to things that used to mess me up (which were numerous) I now lock in a training session or a run or take a walk, do some research etc.


I’m not saying do that at all. It’s how I relax, but certainly they are a positive. Particularly compared to a ciggi, bottle of wine, no sleep, long unproductive hours at work.

I see so many cancelations of sessions or failures to book and some is totally uncontrollable.


Some are.


I get excuses about too many traffic lights, road works, alarm malfunction, the window of food shopping being missed, not liking eggs, the wrong shoes, not the perfect time slot, wanting to book last minute because that’s the way I roll. 😐😬😂😂

Sometimes work needs your attention. But if you cancel more than twice a month there’s a time management issue.

Plain and simple.

Behind that there perhaps a disconnect around values and where health sits as a priority.

This is dispite the fact that 80-90% of people come to me because their current health is not a true representation of who they are or want to be.

Im seeing loads of cancelations even in January the month of resolutions!


Are you actually (and be really honest here) efficient with your time?


I can give you the best session / program / exercises/ diet ever conceived and it would be an abject failure if You don’t do it.

What small win each day will make you consistent?


Do that for long enough and you greatly increase your chances of success. In fact I would go as far as to say you would ensure your success.

If you feel you know what type of person you want to be then execute the plan!


👉👉👉 we can help.


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