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I'm Just Lazy

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I'm Just Lazy

"When it is obvious that the goals cannot be reached, don't adjust the goals, adjust the action steps."



I've made quite a few calls to those interested in our programs and a common response to the questions 'Why are you not getting the results you want' is: 


"I can be pretty lazy'


It's a statement that stands out because those that answer this have often spent years focusing on health in some way, either entering events or moving from diet to diet.  Because they'd not reached their goal and sometimes they yo-yo'd or lapsed in motivation they inferred it must be an issue with them and that they were lazy.


Laziness is a strong word, and these individuals were certainly not lazy.  Anything but lazy in fact. I quickly came to the conclusion that they had a huge amount of drive and motivation to hit their goals, but they lacked one key ingredient - the right steps to get there!


What was happening is that they ended up blaming themselves, or trying to lower their sights so as not to fail.


Yes, they very often lack consistency. But is that a character flaw or is something else at play.


I didn't get results for years... I wasn't a flawed character - I was lost.


When I listen to peoples goals, they are not out of the ordinary... weight loss, strength, muscle tone etc. those that claim that they are lazy have just plateaued quickly or made short term progress which eventually stalled or reversed. They relied on willpower and that failed because 'life' challenges in other ways.


But each time they stalled they found motivation and started back again, perhaps with a different system or approach.  


That is a powerful element of their personalities that should be celebrated.  


They showed real tenacity.


Not laziness.


So where does this leave us? 


Rarely do come across lazy people, I come across people who just have the wrong steps in place to hit their goals or the goal doesn't mean enough to them.


We live in a world which has so much information, so many routes to the same destination we end up either confused where to start or have shiny object syndrome (moving from one solution to another without seeing it through).  All this information requires willpower to process and then employ.  


Why add a lot of work on top of the other 'things' we need to do in order to get by? 


Let's take a step back, have you ever had an internal monologue like this?


"I'll try the 5:2 diet.  (4 weeks in) no that didn't work, Men's health say's intermittent fasting is the thing for fast fat loss... but my friend looks great and he just trainings 5x per week."


"What do I do?!"


"Well.... I will train five times per week, do the 5:2 but make the 2 days fasting days... but when do I get my protein shakes in?  Ok I'll have them as a pre work out on training days and then take two days off... yeah but I need to do something on those days.... yoga... yes, I'll do yoga... or pilates... Timeout says we need to complement strength training with mobility...." 


This internal conversation goes on and keeps evolving and changing.  In the meantime results stall and you become frozen and overwhelmed by all the information.


How do you break the cycle?

  • Firstly, be clear on your goals, this is why I believe the consultation is more important than a clients first training session, it allows me to build the best framework to hit the goal.
  • Secondly, make sure you actually want to achieve that goal... if it is only partially important you will not do what is needed.  Everyone says that the goal is important but for me it's about how you act not what you say.
  • Thirdly, trust the system, fully engage and give yourself time.  No diet or fitness program is going to be instantaneous.  My 28 Day Program works fast but it doesn't change the laws of biology.  I know so many come into my programs scared that this won't work either.  'I'm worried.... I'm two weeks in and I can't see any results....' it's at this point most jump ship.  Thing is health is a journey... show up and stick to the system.  Yes there may be a 'better' route... but in my experience real results come from 
  • Finally, take the steps that ensure success, by this I'm mean challenge yourself but don't overwhelm yourself by giving yourself too many things to do at once.  For example, at first the real challenge could be just turning up to a training session!  

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Coach Paul

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