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Where do we stand on nutrition?

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Where do we stand on nutrition?

I had an interesting email today.

I had a consultation scheduled for 3pm in Putney today and I received a text 20 mins before we were due to meet:
"Hi Paul - I’ve decided that I don’t think your program is for me. As a vegan, I’m uncomfortable about a program that actively promotes meat as a premium source of protein. Thanks for your time the other day. I’ll find somewhere that more reflects my way of life. Many thanks"
It got me thinking about how I may have mis-communicated our approach and how I could have avoided this interpretation of our approach. I've obviously misconstrued something.

Recollecting the conversation I had with this lady, I do believe I was honest (I am honest on these things, I have to be) that as a vegan who follows our 28 Day Challenge finding a quality protein that isn't a carb also is a challenge. Also as a vegan it's easy to eat good quality food but neglect adequate macro nutrient ratio's (fat, protein and carbs) without adequate planning. But I would never say that therefore they should eat meat.

Vegan's are able to hit all there needs, but like any nutrition approach that involves a restriction of a food group planning is king.

This individual did want a body composition results and that means increasing protein and being mindful of the quality and quantity of carbs. Fat is easy on a vegan diet and so is veg (ha!) protein not so much.

You have to be more focused on this area as a vegan, this is not criticism just our experience.

On the flip side many meat eaters don't get enough veg in their diet.

It got me thinking what am I communicating with food and nutrition in general?

Here we work with vegans, meat eaters, vegetarians, people with food choices that align with a religion or political preference. We have allergies, preferences, those who can cook those who cant and those who won't!
Our nutrition approach?
It's based on:
Knowledge, Skill, Action and Habits
In my mind you can eat whatever you want if you follow these principles below:
  • Is the quality of the food good?
  • Are you consistent over time?
  • Is your portion control good?
  • Are you planning ahead and making time for food?
Whether you eat bread, meat, don't eat fish or diary. Drink or whatever doesn't really matter.

Get skilled up in these areas and you'll smash your goals.

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