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You cannot achieve a complete body transformation without exercise

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You cannot achieve a complete body transformation without exercise

Yes diet is very important.

However, without stimulus on the muscle to tighten, grow and adapt most people will fail to see in the mirror the results they want.

In my mind 2x per week of serious strength training and conditioning get's the kind of result that balances significant change in body shape with a low level time commitment.

Combine this with good nutrition and the progress you can make is phenomenal.

BUT it requires consistency over a period of months to see 'significant' and lasting changes.

  • 730 hours in a month
  • 8/9 hours of training commitment... yes travel totally get that
  • 1.2% of your month

No one would believe me if i marketed my program or fatloss as the 1.2% time commitment program!

Commit a similar amount of time to food and a result will just happen.

2.4% of your month!

The next question is what is stopping you?

It's an honest question , and not rhetorical.


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