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One of the biggest challenges we face when getting fit is what we do with the other 170 odd hours when we are not in the gym.

At Hounds of Health we focus on mobility, body awareness, flexibility, core strength and movement skill... but the danger is that it's undone with the hours of sitting at a desk. I've been there and back pain, shoulder issues, tight hips etc were a daily curse.

I's been said that sitting is the new smoking. Now that's certainly a strong perspective.

But perhaps they have a point?

The body adapts to the kettlebells and demands put upon it in the sessions. It adapts to the nutrition plan.

Then it follows... it adapts to the chair? Yes, why need hip mobility when you don't need to squat (cue hip replacements 40 years later.

Why need core strength when a seat does it for you? Cue back pain.

etc etc

Anyway, this book 'DeskBound' is an interesting read from a highly respected physiotherapist who coaches athletes and runs a great health resource website called 'Mobility WOD' (popular in the Crossfit Community).


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