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Pre-Workout Drinks - good or bad?

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Pre-Workout Drinks - good or bad?

Pre-workout or amphetamines? 

Silly question I know!!

Thursday and Friday last week I was not firing on all cylinders during the sessions.

The reason?

I woke up around 5.30ish on Wednesday and then did not sleep until 10pm on Thursday.

No, it wasn’t the kids.

It wasn’t stress

Or work ‘things’

Or a party. I wish.

It was a pre-workout drink.

Or perhaps amphetamines? 😬😬🥴🥴

Basically Luke at reception competes in physique competitions and recently dropped his body fat to 5/6 percent.

Now, this isn’t a goal in any way for me.

But at the competition, he picked up some free merch and he gave me a packet of pre-workout drink.

I don’t take bcaas or stuff like that because I don’t feel they work and I don’t want to spend 50 quid a month on them.

But I thought I’d try it as I haven’t tried them for a while.

My training has been pretty consistent so I expected to see a difference if they are true to their claims.

Ok, first they tasted like hubba bubba. So I felt like I was at a kids party.

Secondly, I noticed nothing during the workout. No pep or anything. Despite 300mg of caffeine in there!

Which I suppose means you need to take it every time you train and the results come over time.

Which sounds expensive.

In my mind, there are too many variables to evaluate if these drinks have any effect. They certainly didn’t make me any more skilled.

Secondly, I suspect there is more bro-science than actual and guesswork in their concoction.

I felt fine all day after taking it. No different.

Until 11.30pm when to tried to sleep. Nothing. My brain just didn’t seem to have the signal.

I don’t struggle to fall asleep. I just need a lot. Falling asleep is easy.

However, come 1am I’m still wide awake. Not tired or stressed mentally just not switching off. 3am the same. By 5am. I’m still not mentally tired and I’d given up trying to sleep. My body was in pieces.

I was in the gym at 6.30am and taking a class.

I remembered everyone’s names and recognized basic sounds and shapes. So all good I suppose. 😂😂🥴🥴🥴

The moral is, i like to experiment for the greater good btw, stick to coffee and anything that keeps you up for 36 hours plus does not help with your gains. And if it doesn’t keep you up you need to look at your caffeine intake!

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