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Our clients are Strong! Don't believe us? Check this out!

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Our clients are Strong! Don't believe us? Check this out!

Back in May we decided we needed to put together some markers of strength and athletic ability for our clients so we created the Hounds of Health Strength Challenge! In August 2019 our clients took part!

Video below!

Our job is to make people strong, everyday athletes who want to take charge of their health whilst holding down jobs, managing busy timetables, childcare, travel, social engagements and what ever else the world throws at us.
Does this mean you can't be strong?  Not at all, Hounds of Health exists to fortify people with strength.
Strong people can do more.  Their bodies are their friends and they can adapt to what life brings with greater ease.
We also want to bring people together. Here's part of our community who took part in the strength challenge.  

Oh and then we went to the pub...

What was the strength challenge?  

Kettlebell Challenges:
Kettlebell Swing test:
Goal: 10 mins 200 Swings 15 seconds on 15 seconds off

10 reps MUST be completed within 15 seconds - then rest for 15 seconds. A new set starts every 30 seconds, to succeed you must follow the swing/rest period otherwise the set is not valid.

Women’s Standards:
Level 1: 12kg
Level 2: 14kg
Level 3: 16kg
Advanced level: 18kg

Men’s Standards:
Level 1: 16kg
Level 2: 20kg
Level 3: 24kg
Advanced Level: 28kg

Overhead Kettlebell Press:

Women’s Standards:
Level 1: 12kg x5 each arm
Level 2: 14kg x5 each arm
Level 3: 16kg x5 each arm

Men’s Standards:
Level 1: 20kg x5 each arm
Level 2: 24kg x5 each arm
Level 3: 28kg x5 each arm

Bodyweight Strength Challenges: Push Up:

Men’s Standards (strict form):

Level 1: 10 reps
Level 2: 15 reps
Level 3: 20 reps

Women’s Standards:
Level 1: 5 kneeling press ups
Level 2: 10 Kneeling Press ups
Level 3: 5 Full Press Ups

Chin Ups 

Men’s Standards:

5 Chin Ups

Women’ Standards:
Bent Arm Hang (jumping up and hanging with chin over bar - no movement)

Level 1 -10 seconds
Level 2 -15 seconds
Level 3 -20 seconds

Graduation workout (12 mins, everyone to complete) which was announced on the day
Do you think you could hit these standards? 
No? I think you can, but you need to train for them. That's where we come in.
We provide training plans and teach you the skills to smash your expectations.  
Some of the ladies managed 50 plus seconds on the bent arm hang... did we set the standards too low? 
No... they over-performed.  They unlocked some real strength. 
All whilst holding down jobs, families, social lives, holidays... and the general stresses and strains of life.
Why don't you join us and train for our next one that will hold in the New Year?
If you get in touch and send me an email saying "MAKE ME STRONG" I'll do you an awesome discount on our programs. 
Only for the strong of mind (An Iron will build an Iron Body)!


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