Where Do I Go From Here?

Where Do I Go From Here?

Hey guys here's another answer to your questions from a few months back... I'm slowly getting through them!]
My question to you guys was:
1) If you could have one health related question answered, what would it be?
One response I received was:

“Where do I go from here?” Is my question.

This is actually a brilliant question, because it gets to the root of why so many people stall when it comes to their health goals. It can be inserted into many different statements:
“I’ve hit my short term goals… where do I go from here?”
“I know I want to get healthy but what does that mean… where do I go from here?”
“I’m injured… where do I go from here?”
“I’m already fit, healthy and strong… where do I go from here"
It’s actually reflective of a recent email I received which I’ve edited to keep anonymous.
“’Im really struggling to define the next set of goals. My horizons are broadening everyday and my view of what’s possible is increasing everyday…. All I can pin down now is get stronger, fitter and as flexible as I can get with the best nutrition programme. I wasn’t sure I’d get the consistency foundation right early on. It was my main obstacle to success. Now that I have it I’m not sure what to do with it.”
Insert… “where do I go from here?”
Defining your goals is tough, because you need to ensure a number of boxes are ticked in order to progress and program success in.
You may remember my post on ‘values’, I’ve taken a section from it:
"Your VALUES - How can they be used as a driver to results?
We can divide this into 4 levels:
At the bottom of the list is:
Reward and Punishment
Guilt and contingent self- esteem (self-esteem based on the approval of others or on social comparisons)
Group values / Personally chosen goals
At the top and most effective are:
Values are identified with you - Values that express your sense of self.
Most of us pull from least robust side such as guilt or punishment.
Let's change things up by start by reflecting on what really matters to you, what you stand for.
What do you stand for?”
That last question is important because it will act as a road map for what you do next.
If you have no destination in terms of what you stand for and what is important to you then any route will take you somewhere… just not somewhere you will recognise or value.
Do you value a 150kg deadlift? Maybe? If you do and are prepared to do what you need to achieve it then there are other questions that you need ask.
The same can be said for 5kg weightloss or a six pack..
Once you have a destination based on your values you need to work out what you are prepared to do to achieve it.
Ask your self these questions:
1) how much time do I have each week to dedicate to it
2) what will I gain and what can i sacrifice to achieve it - is there a greater good?
3) what do I enjoy doing?
4) what is my skill level at that thing that I enjoy?
For example, don’t expect to play the Royal Albert Hall as a concert pianist if you aren’t prepared to practice for hours and years…
In terms of health…. don’t aim for a six pack if you aren’t prepared to train 3x hard per week minimum, and eat well every meal and every day. If you are prepared to train and eat like that then you just need to make sure that if you achieve it the result it is going to be in line with your values.
If you value family or work and you need to train 2x per day and eat a calorie deficit for 5 months preventing you from socialising etc…. then I would say you are going to resent your goal.
In terms of what we can do at Hounds of Health it will look something like this:
You come with your answer to the above and then we can refine the process of achieving them. Building a timeline, suggesting what you need to commit to and then giving you the expertise to achieve it faster or with greater comfort.
We can also refine the questions to get you to the right answer by being a sounding board.
In my view most physical goals (weightloss, fatloss etc) can be fixed by making a stronger, more highly skilled individual. Someone who is working towards mastery who is consistent will have a body that reflects those goals. You have to be invested in the process also.
My advice is don’t focus on effort. Focus on mastery, time management and consistency. They can be applied to any sport, or diet and you’ll not have long term success unless you accept that these areas drive change.

I hope that helps!

Coach Paul

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