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  • 5 weeks in to the Amazing 12 - What Can You Expect?

    5 weeks in to the Amazing 12 - What Can You Expect?

    We run the Amazing 12 in Putney, Wandsworth. Ayzaaz was kind enough to take some time out of his busy day to give you some insight in what to expect when you train on our 12 week transformation program! As Personal Trainers we love to get a feel for what our clients experience so we can make sure we keep upping our game! ....

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  • So You've Had a Bad Day?

    So You've Had a Bad Day?

    Recently I’ve had a spate of people applying for my programs booking calls or getting in touch and then either hanging up or being rude after my opening greeting. This has always happened but I’ve noticed more this month. I wonder why? Well it could be that I need to work on my greeting…ha! Look I’ve got a pretty thick skin with these things, if you run a service based business and you make calls to people who don’t know you occasionally you get people on a bad day. I definitely think that the lockdown took it’s toll. The first one had a definite end in sight… the we’re all in this to conquer COVID thing going on. Deep into our third ....

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  • Behind the Curtain

    Behind the Curtain

    There are great things that are happening inside our community, things that if you were part of could super charge your results. Thing is, and this is my mistake, you just don't know what is happening at Hounds of Health! We may as well be invisible to the outside world…and the consequence is that we are invisible to the people who need us most. When health takes place at home, who is there to see the high fives, pr's, drops in measurements and weight? I know you're exploring this website because something wasn't working and perhaps still isn't. You have an idea of what you want but what you are doing is not achieving it and the lockdown has interfered with your habits So you ....

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  • Paula's Story - Could you be a nurse in 2020 and still smash your goals?

    Paula's Story - Could you be a nurse in 2020 and still smash your goals?

    This post is another shout to a client. Below is a link to Paula's story. Paula's been a client of my business for many years. Not only is she a total pleasure to train she's also seriously strong! Here she explains how she managed her workload as a senior nurse during the most testing time for the NHS in recent memory. So quite simplythis is a big shout out to Paula. I hope you find inspiration in her story, as she continues to inspire my business and drive us to keep raising our game. Click on the picture below Coach Paul 07866762191 Putney Personal Training ....

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  • Jessica's Story

    Jessica's Story

    Every now and then I like to do a shout to a client who's taken their results to the next Level. Jessica started with a year ago and since then has quite literally gone from strength to strength. How many of you can bang out 42 press ups... in fact how many men can! Jessica crazy progress has been marked by focus, and commitment to showing up! Watch the video below to her story. Fancy taking the plunge to get fit this year... for most people 2020 was a write off.... let's not make it two years in a row!!! Then email me with 'Let's Chat' in the subject and include your NUMBER. I do get lot's of enquiries but many never reply with their number, so if you are serious about ....

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  • New Years Resolutions - Do they serve a purpose

    New Years Resolutions - Do they serve a purpose

    Hi {!firstname_fix} Some of you may be thinking of a making a New Years resolution. If you are then you need to listen to the podcast below. Even if you don't I'm sure the end of the year provides ample opportunity to think about the future and also the past. In my recent Health Oddity podcast episode James, Peter and myself discuss the concept & history behind New Years resolutions. The idea of reviewing & reflecting on the year that is coming to an end and planning for the one about to begin. We discuss common mistakes & how to set yourself up for success in a more measured & sustainable way. Happy New Year and Bring ....

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  • You're interested in one of our programs BUT who are we?!!!

    You're interested in one of our programs BUT who are we?!!!

    You applied for one of our programs and then you wonder... who are Hounds of Health?... So who is Paul and why should you choose Hounds of Health over any other fitness business in January? I know you are busy... but if you are on the fence and want to know why I do this and what I'm about then this interview and podcast might be worth a listen. My Podcast Colleagues James and Peter Grill me on all things training, food, philosophy and motivation! >>>> ....

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  • Our Podcast! Health Oddity

    Our Podcast! Health Oddity

    I’ve recently got involved with a really exciting project that complements what we already do at Hounds of Health - but has the potential for much wider reach. A BRAND NEW weekly podcast called ‘Health Oddity’ with two good friends of mine who are also experienced coaches and down to earth chaps - Peter Lant & James St Pierre. ‘Health Oddity is the show that strips away the jargon & hype surrounding health & fitness, helping you live a strong & energetic life.’ We’ve already released 8 episodes! ‘Where do you start / Lessons from Lockdown’ / How to build sustainable habits / Do you need a goal? / Why are we so ....

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  • Lock Down 2.0 - Die Harder

    Lock Down 2.0 - Die Harder

    Wow... The announcement at the end of October was a major blow for so many small businesses. We knew tighter restrictions were coming but this was more than expected. I'm sure many of you will wonder what is in store for you and what Christmas will be like. Usually everyone decides that mid November their health can be put on hold til the new year. Yep, like a car we can leave it in the garage until we need it. Like a car it never needs any investment... Wait... yep you know cars don't take care of themselves,I bet you spend more on your cars up-keep than your own? A car is often seen asan investment, of course... one that basically drops in value by a third as you drive it off ....

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  • Mark's 12 Week Transformation

    Mark's 12 Week Transformation

    Meet Mark, a post COVID graduate of The Amazing 12 Week Physique Program. Like Amanda, who I posted about yesterday, Mark GRADUATED because this program requires focus and exceptional results do not just happen. You need optimal programming, nutrition, exercise selection and a client who know’s why they are there. Mark achieved phenomenal results with a 4 month break in the program. This is how powerful this program is. At Hounds of Health we have a team of trainers that work with every client and our sole focus is exceptional results. Mark came to us to make a transformation, he was very clear from the start. He was looking to up his game and he ....

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