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  • When it starts to work, it's time to stop

    When it starts to work, it's time to stop

    Your program is going to be working so well, you’re going to stop doing it. ‘ Dan John (Strength Coach) It’s in human nature to look for the next hit, fix or variety. Frantisek was in the studio training a few clients with me on Tuesday evening and he said ‘every time I see you training you are doing kettlebell front squats’ I said ‘I know I F@$% #ng hate them’ Week in week out... front squats. thing is I’m now on 3 sets of 20reps with 48kg. It’s not pleasant. I really don’t enjoy it. But I can do it, and I like the progress. If you are like me there’s a kick of curiosity and ....

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  • Are you worth investing in?

    Are you worth investing in?

    Are you worth investing in?

    I know that sounds like something from a government sponsored initiative or something from the dragons den, however I've been thinking about Investments vs expenses. At the turn of the industrial revolution there was a major shift in thinking. The early industrialists realised that through investing in technology they could radically change their profitability and out compete the old style of businesses run by small enterprises and cottage industries. This mean investing in looms, or water power, canals, printing presses, steam engines etc. The natural consequence was that it drove the cost of labour down.People went from being the asset to the ....

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  • Studio Open and Corona Policy

    Studio Open and Corona Policy

    Thank you so much for your patience. A Just over a week ago all gyms were given the go ahead to open on the 25th of July. There’s been a lot of work to do, I’ve been thinking long and hard about the best way to start opening up our space to training in person. Thank you to our clients who have filled in a recent survey, it strongly guided my decisions. Please be aware that this is phase one of our opening, and it is subject to change. Why? Because we don’t know what the post lockdown world will bring. I’ve done my best to anticipate your needs, but I may find that certain classes are not attended, or some are really busy and I’ll need to react. Hounds of ....

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  • Why I Don't See a Distinction between 'Virtual' or 'In Person' Training

    Why I Don't See a Distinction between 'Virtual' or 'In Person' Training

    At Hounds of Health we are way more interested in the application of coaching clients to a RESULT, rather than running classes. I like hanging out and training with clients in the gym. I like the toys and the vibe. But if tomorrow I was told it was impossible to train anyone in person ever again it wouldn't affect my job description. We achieve results in-person, virtually or even purely by sending programming via email. The truth is our virtual clients are smashing it at the moment! Hounds of Health as a business and team of coach's is interested in the process of finding the most efficient route from A to B. As such our environment things such as lockdown… the ....

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  • Cider Diet and other musings (Podcast and Video Interview)

    Cider Diet and other musings (Podcast and Video Interview)

    A few days ago I appeared on a Podcast by Peter Lant of the Bath Kettlebell Society. I've know Peter for a few years, and he is a big part of a community of awesome trainers I network with. In this chat we cover all things fitness as it pertain's to the busy person who wants to get fit but just can't make it stick! I talk about being out of shape and working long hours trying to find the time to fit in my health I was constantly injured and "made of glass" and I sharewhat I did to make sure I remainstrong and resilient. This is a great podcast to listen to if you just don't know how you can juggle all the responsibilities in your life and get fit!!! There's either ....

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  • How can you know what you haven't experienced?

    How can you know what you haven't experienced?

    There are great things that are happening inside our community, things that if you were part of could super charge your results. Thing is, and this is my mistake, you just don't know what is happening at Hounds of Health! We may as well be invisible to the outside world…and the consequence is that we are invisible to the people who need us most. When health takes place at home, who is there to see the high fives, pr's, drops in measurements and weight? I know you're getting my emails because something wasn't working and perhaps stil isn't. At the moment your gym isn't open and perhaps hasn't put in place any care for its clients (if it was one of the super gyms ....

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  • Interested in our 28 Day Challenge?

    Interested in our 28 Day Challenge?

    Interested in our 28 Day Challenge? I am giving you every resource, tool and strategy that will make your transformation as simple as possible. And the best part is that you're always protected by my Results Guarantee! If you don’t love your results, you can come train with us for FREE when we are back in our facility. But let me warn you, if you are LAZY and are simply looking for a "magic bullet" solution, this is not the program for you. The simple fact of the matter is this: the 28 Day Challenge: Home Transformation Program is NOT a "quick fix." It's a simplified solution to a problem that most people find VERY challenging. At the same time, I want to make sure I'm being ....

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  • Virtual Training, how do we do it? (Video Walkthrough)

    Virtual Training, how do we do it? (Video Walkthrough)

    Hi For anyone interested in coming out of the quarantine in better shape (and healthier) than going in, check out this video I recorded. Here I explainhow online training works, work you can expect in terms of support and nutrition. Finally, in a time of social isolation having a community to bring you up is essential. >>>>>> CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE VIDEO WALK THROUGH! <<<<<<

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  • Free Online Workout!

    Free Online Workout!

    Free Online Workout for you! In addition to the Online Coached Semi-Private Zoom Calls I am posting a workout of the day that can be done any time. We recorded hours of instructional videos last week and each exercise will have a link to the video demonstration. Todays Workout: Warm up: 3 rounds of 30 seconds on each exercise Baby Crawl: Cobra: Seal Press Ups: Walkouts: The Workout: 5 rounds - 30 Seconds each exercise (minimal rest between exercises) 1 min rest before repeating sequence again. Plank Walk: Kneeling ....

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  • There are 2 doors to choose from

    There are 2 doors to choose from

    There are 2 doors to choose from. One which you shut and one which you open The one you choose after reading the story below will provide great insight into whether you succeed or fail to reach the goals you set. Here we go: You started training and saw plenty of progress in the first months. Everything was going to plan. You were caught up in the excitement of training and like seeing results. You'd not seen results for a long time. you are preparing food, eating whole foods, enjoying your new found awareness of what it takes to be healthy. You are getting stronger and seen old injuries fade. This is reflected in the scale and your clothes. Then something happens. For ....

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