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Paul, Fitness Instructor

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I spent many years struggling with my weight, my health and my fitness. I struggled to lose weight and then when I did lose it, well... it came back fast! This coupled with severe knee and stomach issues all at the age of 29 I decided to take charge… but that’s when it got complicated!

How do I take charge and what does that even look like?

This is why I created Hounds of Health, to provide a clear path through a complex and often baffling set of twists and turns that a health journey brings.

I started working in the music industry, managing artists and their business interests, I was frequently on tour (which included tour management) so late nights, awful food, and excess ensued. I then moved into publishing, working for Penguin Random House.

Once I started my health journey it gained momentum I eventually decided to take charge and start Hounds of Health. Compelled by my own journey and a desire to spread the word!

What that means is that health can be fun, fulfilling and you don’t have to do it on your own! 

Also we can get you VERY strong, very lean and add real value to your life whatever your background.  All you need is to bring your commitment!

Qualifications: Level 2 and 3 Personal Trainer, certified SMK1 Kettlebell Specialist, Precision Nutrition Certified Coach and Amazing 12 Certified Body Transformation Coach.

Passions: My fitness podcast: Health Oddity!

Personal Fitness Goals: Competitive Kettlebell Sport

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