Hanna, Fitness Instructor

Personal Training near Putney


Hanna helps works to deliver the best service possible for our clients. Her work background was mainly computer training, support and management but also worked in retail for 8 years. As both were very demanding jobs Hanna's diet and lifestyle took a 2nd place. Hitting her thirties and she realised she couldn’t keep going and prompted her to start yoga to build strength in my body and calmness in her mind. After having children and being diagnosed with under-active thyroid, Hanna became motivated to get stronger and started circuit training which gave more strength. Diet was and has always been a tough one, so after diagnosis of diabetes in Hanna's first pregnancy she worked with a nutritionist. This opened up a whole new world and a new awareness of what she put into her body. With a busy family and work life Hanna believes anyone can change.

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